I am pleading, Geert is begging, Yeadon is begging, that under no condition, NONE, zero, do you vaccinate your child with the COVID injection, ever, you will kill them! Tell FDA and CDC to phuck off!

by Paul Alexander

These injections will subvert and damage the innate immune system in your child as their innate antibodies need training, are not developed yet, and this injection will subvert the training!

Vaccinating children during childhood will damage the naïve innate antibody training and these, the innate antibodies, have a short window for training and instructions to recognize the virus it is confronted with but many other viruses. Remember, the maternal immunity lasts only a short period so child must train their own innate immune system. Only live attenuated replication-competent vaccine (with live viruses) are used in childhood for an important reason and it is linked to the innate antibodies. The innate antibodies last a short period in childhood and disappear.

Vaccinating with live attenuated vaccines help train the innate immune system, specifically trains innate antibodies.

Remember, the innate antibodies will disappear so it needs training to recognize the viruses it is confronted with and viruses in the future. The low-affinity poly-specific innate antibodies can neutralize (broadly) the viruses. It can neutralize broad pathogen around it. In binding to live viruses, the innate antibodies (innate immune system) can be educated to then recognize the confronted virus but many other pathogen.

By preventing the innate antibodies from being educated and trained, it will not be able to recognize a range of glycosylated viruses (viruses with sugars, patterns of glycans etc.) e.g. will not recognize RSV, measles, varicella, mumps, flu etc. If vaccinated for these prior, then there will likely be no issue. But the vaccination must happen before the COVID injection happens for if the child is not vaccinated for these illnesses before COVID injection, then they could die due to these glycosylated viruses.

The high-affinity vaccinal antibodies will bind to the virus and prevent and blocks (outcompetes) the innate antibodies from binding (and by this we also mean binding to live virus that is all around, not only vaccine virus). The innate antibodies will not be able to bind as biding domain (epitopes etc.) are blocked by the vaccinal antibodies. So worthless non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that do not sterilize/neutralize the circulating variants, bind to the virus. And in so doing, block innate antibodies that have the functional capacity to sterilize the virus. So then the child will be at risk of infection from COVID but also a range of virus.

Also, in binding, the vaccinal antibodies enhance infectiousness of the virus to the vaccinated child via antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI). In addition, by innate antibodies binding to live viruses (live vaccine virus or virus that is around the child), the innate antibodies prevents the child’s innate immune system (trains it) from recognizing self components, components of the child’s own body from being recognized (self vs non-self). You do not want the innate immune system recognizing self components. Only happens when innate antibodies bind to live virus (from vaccine or virus that is around the child).

This is critical. The immune system then can attack (auto-immune disease) itself if this is breached.

Importantly, if you vaccinate the child, the induced vaccinal antibodies will be boosted constantly (with high antibody titers) due to high infectious pressure, circulating pandemic omicron etc. This means the innate immune system antibodies will be constantly suppressed and outcompeted (to the target antigen spike) by the boosted vaccinal antibodies.

So in conclusion, the innate immune antibodies must be trained and educated in the young child and as part of this training, must bind to live viruses so that it can educate the innate antibodies. When the vaccinal antibodies bind to the virus as it outcompetes the innate antibodies, it prevents the innate antibodies from binding and being educated to recognize those viruses. Vaccinating your child will suppress their innate immune system long-term, and leave them vulnerable to re-infection and infection from a range of other pathogen.

Do not ever, ever vaccinate your healthy child with these COVID injections. You can kill them!