I am pro-life & I wanted to share this, I am against abortion in any manner, I will not tell a woman what to do with her body yet I stand for the unborn child & so no time, not 2 weeks, 6 weeks, NO

by Paul Alexander

time is acceptable; you will deal with your God as to what you do but there are options including adoption and responsible behavior; taking the life of a viable human being is WRONG!

You may not agree with me and that is ok, for we must disagree and still care and love each other and wish the best. On this, I am 100% against abortion and of course, issues around life of mother etc. is a consideration. Some ask me, so what about rape or incest or mother’s life or unborn mortality ill in utero etc? IMO every option is to be tried and considered before anyone does that and IMO it is 100% wrong. Abortion on demand, late term abortion, all of it. It is a human life you are taking.

So my default position is zero abortion. Yet…

That is my position. It is emotional, complex, painful etc. But I think we must stand for the unborn child. A life is a life! I stand in defense of the baby in utero and I say life begins immediately at conception. I do not fool around with that game. I think there must be rights and privileges etc. granted to that developing child, even 1 day old. The question is, who defends the child? Who has the stones to stand up? Who is standing up?