I am thinking this is how they will do it: i)will end Title 42 'now' (border will be open now) ii) at same time promise to end mandates sometime in late summer iii)then late summer put back 42 & mandates

by Paul Alexander

With the left and deepstate, you have to think insanely like them and malfeasantly, so the key is to flood the nation/Texas, if Texas goes, game over, so lift 42 for a few months, then put back

It's the only move so that they can lift 42 yet keep the mandates and powers in place…will promise to end mandates in the future…so while 42 is lifted, mandates still in place….cannot lift 42 and leave the mandates so at least need to promise it will be lifted ‘soon’…but cant just lift them (the mandates) now as they lose the power over us and their base will revolt and go into meltdown……so will need to at least lift the mandates in the ‘near’ future (not now as need to give their base something) but keep the underlying emergency powers…cannot move that for need it to snap back into full lockdown etc. governments who take power will never ever give it back, show me an example where they did and they will maximally abuse you with the powers they took…but the objective is just so that millions of illegals can come into the nation so that their objective is reached….they are sick enough to put it back (42) so that they can also put back mandates under the guise of surging infections etc. in the fall…back to ground zero so to speak.

If they left Title 42, their own base will revolt etc. but the challenge is even some democrats see that lifting 42 is a disaster.

They the left and deepstate and WEF sickos etc. care nothing about the safety of the nation (including RINOs) and even some repubs, never did, its about their pockets and special interests.

They will commit hari kari to get their aims, temporary hari kari I call it…just my opinion as I try to think this out. I may be subject to correction.


1)lift 42 now (May 23)

2)promise to lift mandates late summer early fall so that the left is appeased, cant leave it in place if 42 is lifted yet cant lift mandates immediate

3)once enough get over the border, then capable of re-instating 42 later this year so they can re-instate the mandates

4)will not lift the emergency powers, now or then unless we force them too via elections and in the courts