I am working with My Pillow's Mike Lindell, Jim Torma, Max Bernier, and Roy Beyer (TBOF), and lead (does not want her name in press) to get 10,000 pillows and his truck into Canada to the truckers

by Paul Alexander

Mike was barred entry but we have the pillows as I speak at the Sarnia crossing from US to Canada; we are arranging to move the truck to another crossing and to facilitate the entry this morning

The politics of this is horrendous and the Trudeau govt is doing all it can to starve off the truckers; but we are working now to get the truck, or the trailer (53 foot), or the content into Canada and on to Ottawa for the truckers; Lindell who owns My Pillow donated to the truckers his truck and the pillows. I spoke with him last night and others who are trying a work around…this would be so funny if it was not so sad and horrible but we are trying as each road block.

Been told Goya foods is seeking to make a donation so the lead will brief us more later today, of food etc. So may good people wanting to help and on the side of the trucker.

You do know if we do not take this opportunity to wage this fight with the trucker, the emergency declaration will NEVER be lifted…you have to understand what this battle is about. Your children and grand children will grow in a world and have no idea the life you had as a child, the freedom; they will never be able to enter a restaurant without showing a vax card or status….you have to understand what this is about, this is about power, greed, Patricians (them) versus Plebeians (us)….

I have been told this Saturday will be the most massive crowd and trucks in Ottawa…stay tuned.


Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, outside the White House, January 15, 2021. REUTERS/Erin Scott