I beg parents, I plead with you all in US & global, many of you write me & ask what can you do, how to help? Well, you MUST reject FDA & Moderna & Pfizer & CDC push to approve vaxx in kids; say NO!

by Paul Alexander

Say flake off, you criminals, phuck off Fauci, Francis Collins, Albert Bourla, Bancel, Walensky, all you inept reckless health officials at CDC, NIH, & FDA...NOT my child! flake you & your EFF IN vaxx

No healthy child in US, Sweden, UK, Germany etc., none, not one, has died of COVID post infection…Not one!

Not one health official, not Fauci, Collins, Walensky, not one, not even the inept ones in Canada like Njoo and Tam, not Bourla of Pfizer, no one, not one, not one has provided any evidence, has in any manner prosecuted a case as to why near zero risk children for severe illness from COVID, need a vaccine that has not been properly safety tested (undersized and shortened duration to avoid safety signals) and which has been shown to be ineffective (does not sterilize the virus and predominate with non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies). No one has. Thus flake them!

Say it loud and proud, flake you, your flaking inept, illogical, irrational, specious, non-sensical criminals at FDA and CDC and NIH…take your flaking vaccine and shove it!!!!!

And as I have said many times, we investigate them all for each decision and policy the over the last 2 years and if they were right and no wrongs done, praise them, pension them, love them, celebrate them etc. but if we find any and several of them made policy decisions that caused deaths, then we clean them out financially, we strip them of every last dollar and what their families got too, all of them, every cent, and we imprison them, not their families, but them…those who did this…yes, we put these demons in jail…it is time we held high level people, elites, officials who commit wrong and it is shown with proper legal and public inquiry, conducted 100% proper, no kangaroo court, no mob justice, none of that…we examine fully and properly…and if shown their actions caused deaths, then we lock them all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See prior stack with congressional letter to FDA:

Alexander COVID News evidence-based medicine convoy mandate
June 7th 2022 Congressional members letter to FDA regarding EUA authorization for COVID vaccines in children under 5; Posey, Cruz, Gohmert, Ron Johnson, Biggs, Norman, Miller, Chip Roy, Boebert, Clyde
These congressional members are leaders, they are strong in this matter and standing up and we must support them and reward them for they are fighting for our children here. We know from a medical and scientific point of view that these vaccines have failed, are ineffective and are harmful. These COVID vaccines/injections do not sterilize the virus and …
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