I believe fully that the democrat party and RINOs etc. are using Garland's Justice department not only to imprison Trump (falsely), but to expose him for assassination; they know what they are doing

by Paul Alexander

I think thye know and they know how exposed he could be, we must pray that the good people in his orbit and on his side and for right, help protect him, that the Lord covers him 24/7 from these beasts

This is not about law and order and Justice, what you are witnessing is a party in power knows it will lose to Trump so like a dictatorship, a banana republic, using the government powers and levers to weaken and take him out; Trump will be re-elected if he survives (his life) and I pray he delivers all they did to him, what they did re the fraud pandemic to topple him, I pray he returns it in kind and some…the nation is ready for that type of legal ballot box court retribution…