I belonged to a COVID scientist group (that I was part of at inception); I am now blocked because I ask questions of Malone & certain members (lackies, sycophants) complained & I was censored, blocked

by Paul Alexander

So I am telling them for they read my substack to get my science, up yours! I will continue to ask questions of Malone for his mRNA technology with others, have killed people; I will not cease

We will not cease. We need answers.

It is remarkable doctors and scientists in that so called Freedom Fighter group called for me to stop writing about Malone and was clearly stated as such. I knew who each one was, I was told and yes, these are people with heads up Malone’s ass. They will historically need to explain why. I did stop in that group, and I believe I then posted a story about the Breggins and was blocked again, as it related to Malone’s law suit.

Its all about money, fame, relevance and nothing now to do with you the public. It has become a money-making scheme to self-enrich and they hate me for I have called them out. Many in The Freedom Movement are IMO no different that thieves, sleezy thieves for they lie to you and deceive you. Their aim is to continue peddling fear to get you donating. I have been in these groups and sat in meetings and decided I will not be part of that move to deceive the public.


So you should know that within the Freedom Fighter group, the Movement, there are weak, pusillanimous, sold out actual frauds who shill for Malone and they shill for someone and refuse to ask him the questions about his role in mRNA technology that has killed people, monies he may or may not have made off mRNA etc. patents, and many many questions. Malone knew the vaccine could not stay in the injection site and kept silent. He knew it reverse transcribed. He knows many things yet has been silent. Had you been told, you would have made different decisions and for some, their decision to buy into the CDC and FDA lies and Malone’s and Kariko’s and Weissman’s silence, costed lives. IMO. Unless I am told otherwise. It is their mRNA technology that is at the heart of the deaths we have seen due to the vaccine. It is that simple. It is there any investigation must be seated. That is the foci.

They have stood silent as people died and we need to know why and how did any of them profit.

The question is why. They are bought and sold based on donor money and threats by donors. The Freedom Movement has some good people, McCullough, Wolf, Oskoui, Risch, Thorp, Ladapo et al. Many are frauds. Outright frauds. Losers, pimping off of people’s pain. In it, to get at your money, into your pockets.

I shall keep asking Malone scientific questions and hope one day he sits like how we want Fauci and Azar and Birx and Bourla and Bancel etc. to sit in front of tribunals and judges, he too must sit under oath and answer questions. In the congress or similar. He has information we need. It is time his sycophants stop rushing to his defence and let the boy talk. On the record. Fully, questioned by unbiased non conflicted, not head up the Malone’s ass media, like those in the Freedom Movement. Proper investigative journalism.

I end by telling you, stop the hero worship. Of any of us. You are the heroes, you the public. You who used your critical thinking. It is you who should be praised and rewarded. Not a bunch of self-serving IMO crooked so called scientists and doctors, pimping off your pain and money.