I cannot believe this Lloyd Austin, is this guys serious? He is outdoors here. Is he a clueless? This is so laughable I am lost for words. Foreign governments must laugh at the US; what about Bourla?

by Paul Alexander

This guy got 17 vaccines out his eyeballs, then got COVID twice...you cannot make this stuff up! This is beyond stupid! What about Pfizer's Albert Bourla CEO? 4 shots, now catches COVID

Who is more idiotic, Austin or Bourla??? I cannot yet decide. I think it is a tie! And here is the idiot Bourla advertising for the failed Paxlovid!

Quadruple Vaxxed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Catches COVID for Second Time

Quadruple Vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Catches Covid One Year After Claiming His Vaccine Was 100% Effective in Preventing Covid

Remember when this liar said this to bullshit you to take the jab: