I do not know how else to say this and I may be sounding like a broken record: the VACCINE has failed, does not work, will not work, down to 1 month immunity; COVID is done, OMICRON is natural vaccine

by Paul Alexander

COVID is over, OMICRON shifted it to ENDEMIC, the nut ball government and CDC and NIH officials are inept and illogical; it is over, they should read the science and get with it; and free the people up

COVID is now endemic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop the testing, its crazy!!!!! You do not mass test asymptomatic people! Stop this insanity! Stop the isolation of asymptomatic people! Makes no sense and only harms the people.

I call for an immediate hard stop to ALL vaccination, all…none in children but these vaccines are too ineffective and too unsafe to get my support anymore….I think they are very dangerous and must be stopped. Stopped!

Why would you try to vaccinate with a vaccine that is harmful and is not effective? when the new variant (and once it stays so and I think it will and there is no indication it will do otherwise), is so very mild and confers natural immunity. This is nonsensical and idiotic to continue this vaccine madness.

Message to Biden and his government: STOP it, stop it!!!! stop the nonsense now as you have hurt and hurting people…take Omicron as your off-ramp and grab it, declare success…I find it incredible that they can actually claim success now and walk off the stage and say ‘folks, all worked and thanks for your hard work”…

We will live with COVID endemic (endemic equilibrium) as we do with the other 4 common cold coronaviruses eg. OC 43. We manage it. Thats ok and it is expected and we argued this 2 years ago. It will be seasonal and mild and we cope with it and we can expect yearly to lose some persons e.g. elderly high risk as we do with all other pathogen especially viral, that attack the weak e.g. elderly…it is life…we go on. It is the risk of life we have accepted.

Do what I and others said day 1:

  1. stop all mass testing and isolation/quarantine of asymptomatic people; only test or isolate ‘sick’, symptomatic persons, with a strong clinical suspicion

  2. strongly protect the vulnerable and elderly

  3. do PSAs on vitamin D and body weight control

  4. make early treatment available to all nursing homes and high risk settings e.g. long-term residences, allow doctors to prescribe and use it

  5. end all vaccine and mask mandates

  6. and above all, allow all, the complete rest of low risk, healthy and well in society to live free, no lockdowns, no closures, no school closures, no masks on children, free, making common sense decisions and reasonable precautions…but live free….understand your own risks and make decisions

  7. take natural immunity as equal and even better than vaccine immunity

No doubt we go back later to jail some people!