I do not know if Trudeau is more stupid or crooked than Ford or Ford is the idiot, I really cannot tell & when you combine the CMOH Ontario Moore, they add up to an IQ of 5; read the garbage PM says..

by Paul Alexander

"If we are able to get a high enough of level of vaccination, we reduce the danger of having to take other health measures to make sure that we're all safe and not overloading our hospitals,"

These two men, plus Jason Kenney of Alberta terribly hurt their peoples. The society was ravaged by their ineptness, corruption, arrogance, hubris, and pure IMO derangement. Not one statement, not one of their COVID policies worked. And they know it. We have a premier of Ontario elected with just 18% of the vote. People were so disgusted they just did not vote. History will show just how devastating their actions were, abusive, punitive, and shredding of freedoms, liberties and rights.

The craziness now about this is I voted for this failure Doug Ford in his initial election and thought I was voting for someone with integrity and leadership who seeks the best for the people. I was wrong. I even voted for Trudeau his first trip at the polls. Boy, was I mistaken. I wanted to give him a chance but he has turned out to be a radical near communist IMO. I think he may be a great father, likely, I do not know him, maybe a great human being, good husband etc. All those good things. Why not?

But as a political leader, as the Prime Minister who represents Canada, this guy is a complete failure, catastrophic. he has made a mess and hurt Canadians. He has harmed thousands of police and military and border agents and our front-line people e.g. nurses, with the vaccine mandates for many, many, are vaccine injured and in time will suffer severe consequences. Doug Ford has to be blamed too for he was maybe even more deranged than Trudeau in his COVID statements and policies. And you want to challenge me, ok, come talk after you get your 5th booster and 8th booster, and get re-infected and sick, and in hospital, and even die. That is what is happening now globally. Check the data. Look around you and you do know it! No, not what Njoo and Tam tells you. They are inept, incompetent, morons. Ask yourself, across 2.5 years of COVID, what have they ever said that made sense? Just name one!

I am telling you, by going along, you are escalating your risk of being seriously harmed by these ineffective and dangerous COVID gene injections and escalating and emboldening them to keep mandates on tap. That harm your own family and as such you are contributing to your own pain and suffering. Stop! In February 2021 when the jabs were rolled out, we already knew conclusively that they were unsafe, had no safety testing, that the RT-PCR test was junk and over-cycled and with 95% false positives, and that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and still, only a small fraction of the population should have been ‘offered’, not mandated the shots. We knew that the vast majority of the population did not need these unsafe injections and that now, millions are vaccine injured. Yet Trudeau did not stop. His inept advisors did not stop, Ford did not stop. They punished you with threats of law also. Look around you now, you sit next to the unvaccinated. We knew day one that there was no difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated as to viral load and transmission risk. Njoo and Tam knew it. They lied to you! It was all a farce, a deadly one for innocent healthy people died due to the lockdown lunacy and the fraud shot.

Ask me when you are up to it. I will help and share. You are now on a booster treadmill that you are trapped on, they Njoo and Tam and Trudeau deceived you and put you on it and you cannot get off and you have deranged your innate and adaptive-acquired immune system. It is damaged likely life-long and you will in time need a booster every day. Njoo and Tam know the lies they told you.

Do not take any more of those fraud shots. It is up to you and your doctor no doubt, but please, step back, look around, read the evidence, before you proceed. Inform yourself.

Now, someone should tell the PM Trudeau that his federal health officials are among the most stupid, inept, buffoons globally, makes me ashamed. Njoo and Tam, clearly have no clue what they were talking about and doing. They should know by now that the flu vaccine never ever works (a yearly scam on elderly folk) and the COVID injection has failed, and is harmful. One will need a booster every day soon. It is that much of a failure. Moreover, there is a concern with Avian flu (see WHO) and the concern is really original antigen sin and the risk of antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and disease (ADED). If you take the flu shot, then the recall antibodies if you are exposed to Avian will be to the antigens/strains in the flu shot and you can be at risk for ADEI and ADED. Vanden Bossche also warns of this risk. Again, discuss with your doctor but the flu shot remains one of the biggest scams in modern public health.

He the PM is so very clueless, I am lost for words at times. I guess his out is he relies on his idiotic incompetent health advisors at PHAC and Health Canada. Moreover, what he did to peaceful protestors and truckers in Ontario early 2022 was vicious and monstrous and reprehensible, and I hope all involved get a proper investigation and hearing and if shown to have done wrong, are held to account.


Now the PM will need to explain who stole the PPE and COVID relief money for the CEOs and hospitals got billions, billions in Canada and Ontario so it is either doctors in Canada and Ontario stole the money or the CEOs of hospitals or people in the PMO office or MPs or maybe Ford’s MPPs…for they can’t be ‘overloaded’ as Trudeau is trying to point to for they got all they needed to gear up. Hospitals are well prepared. They got the money and all they needed. So if they want more money, if they are saying they are strained, means people stole the taxpayer money and the hospitals were not geared up.

Which is it Trudeau? Which? Did hospitals get the PPE money or did they not? If not, where is it? In whose pockets?

I want all investigated like the liberal who got the ventilator contract. All, for I guarantee in Canada, in Ontario, friends of these government type officials stole money. The picture tells you this.