I fear the worst thing that can happen is for republicans to win house & senate; they will destroy chance at POTUS in 2024; better to wait, let democrats destroy themselves more; already surrendered?

by Paul Alexander

It is really a UNIPARTY and we are being played again; all we want is honest people who will be accountable to the people, already McCarthy has caved; had house & senate under Trump; did nothing!

And I am not even saying they are the right or best thing for the US. No doubt, quicksand is better for the US than the democrats at present.

And do not jump off a building with what I say here, I am thinking of the best route here. I don’t want the repubs to get power and get blamed for the disaster of the nation for the next 2 years. Ask yourself, no matter what they put up, what bills etc., they will be shot down. It will be 2 years of telling the public, ‘ok, now we have house and senate, now give us WH’…and all the while acroos 2 years while getting nothing done, the press will blame them if the rain falls. For they will have the power. Repubs get blamed when not in power and when ‘in’ power.

It is better to let the democrats implode more, let them be lamed, for the media covers for them and hides the depravity but the public can see beyond the media now, but if repubs get control, it will be 24/7 everything that is wrong will be branded by the media and talking heads as republican fault. And republicans can take the time and get good candidates, America loving people to run, not the sell outs we have still; my sense is if they take house and senate now and mess it up, then people will take it back in 2024 (house and senate) and they will not even get the White House in 2024. Republicans love to talk and go to wine and cheeses, not govern or lead. So I fear not yet. Will be a disaster. We want no hearings, just jail for wrong doers yet we have republicans already signally they will not go that route.

How could McCarthy say this when they twice impeached Trump for no reason? So is McCarthy taking impeachment off the table for others too? It’s not only a POTUS you can impeach. This troubles me and I am not tit for tat. Not because you impeached Trump do we impeach Biden. You use that tool properly but it is very troubling that McCarthy seems to be saying this for political reasons. The democrats do not operate like that and as such, you got to meet these people ‘toe to toe’. I do not think McCarthy is the right person. He does not need lecture the American people, we know quite well what was done to the nation and what needs to be done to fix it.


GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Pre-Surrenders, Saying GOP Won’t Impeach Biden