I feel strongly that deepstate & left & CDC & NIH will conspire AGAIN to use lockdowns & mask mandates & all the insanity to win elections; with no scientific basis, NONE!; the preparation has begun

by Paul Alexander

None of the lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates etc. have worked, NONE, and I have written extensively 2 years now, with Bhattacharya and Kulldorff and Gupta and Atlas, we have!

Why do you think Philly is and has now re-instated mask mandates? why? because Philly is one of those places where the election was stolen;

Philly will require masks in indoor public spaces again as COVID-19 cases rise

They have begun again and while I think people will not stand for it, they are going to try and use whatever they can to pull it off…this time we must be willing to use the data and science that has accumulated to show none of it works.

We are there now, we must be willing to fight this battle!