I find this past US funded patent that lists Dr. Malone as an inventor is intriguing as to Malone's assertion on therapeutic use of cobra venom factor (toxic peptides); reminds me of Dr.Ardis raising

by Paul Alexander

the snake venom issue; I find this area fascinating & confess it is nascent & lots I do not know yet it may hold promise; I would be intrigued to learn of Malone's view on the snake venom issue

Remember Ardis and snake venom? What did you make of that?

I share a comment by one of our subscribers I find interesting for it is engaging and provokes thought as we search for answers:

Marcella Lowell

7 min ago

Listen to all of Dr. Ardis's talks on venoms. You need to get caught up. And Jonathan Otto's series on right now includes Dr. Ardis. It seems that the venom issue is no joke. And Dr. Tau Braun. Dr. Ardis explains how venoms can attach to the nicotine acetyl choline receptors on nerves, intestines, testes, ovaries, heart, and I think one more is kidneys. Working from memory here. If they attach to those receptors on the brainstem then that paralyzes the diaphragm to inhibit breathing. That could explain why what we were told and appeared to be a respiratory lung condition was not at all.’