I/Geert/we told FDA & NIH & CDC that the bivalent COVID mRNA technology gene injection (8-mice booster) was doomed & a failure (Wuhan spike + BA.4/.5 spike), they said we were WRONG, now...

by Paul Alexander

we see very same corrupted, crooked, inept, stupid FDA officials saying this "FDA recommends vaccine manufacturers make single-strain Covid-19 boosters that target Omicron spinoff XBB.1.5 for fall"

‘The US Food and Drug Administration on Friday said it has recommended that Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers make single-strain booster shots for this fall that would target the currently circulating Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5.

“Based on the totality of the evidence, FDA has advised manufacturers who will be updating their COVID-19 vaccines, that they should develop vaccines with a monovalent XBB 1.5 composition,” the agency said in a news release.’

We have argued presciently and lead by Geert, that the immature, developing vaccine induced antigen specific, high-affinity antibodies lack full binding affinity or maximal affinity (for the antigen (spike) when you vaccinate as virus is circulating (high infectious pressure) and that you drive selective pressure that will select for more infectious (potentially more virulent) sub-variants. This remains the concern and this is what is happening. Remember, the virus also mutates. Once there is sub-optimal non-lethal pressure on the target antigen, there will be Darwinian selection pressure. You can never get ahead of a mutating virus using a vaccine that does not stop infection, replication, or transmission and as such does not sterilize the virus. Neutralizing antibodies are sidelined to non-neutralizing antibodies when you vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic and vaccine induced antibodies do not get chance to arrive at full binding affinity (they can bind to the receptor binding domain on spike yet do so weakly and so the spike can still interface with the ACE 2 receptors and as such neutralization is not complete. This causes pressure on the virus and as such variants that can overcome this sub-optimal immune pressure will be selected for and become enriched in the environment.




Remember this, these beasts at CDC said it was unsafe yet still take it…you understand the madness we lived and lived?:

CDC identifies possible safety issue with Pfizer’s updated Covid-19 vaccine but says people should still get boosted