I have always been honest, maybe too honest and I make mistakes (typos) as at times so angered by the filth in the COVID Freedom Fighters; I despise censorship & hypocrites; I will not flood you YET

by Paul Alexander

but I have decided that eventually truth should come out & you should know that in the movement, there is filth & fraud & censorship & I will let them, the culprits decide what & when I share with you

It is up to them. I am under fire because I am showcasing wrong.

I can take it. This is who I am. I have always been on the side of those wronged and the vulnerable, I will always fight for the vulnerable and underdog and that is why I dropped all I was doing, with no pay, and stood with the Canadian Truckers to the end in Ottawa, crossed America with the US truckers as well and took them to the Senate and Congress for talks, and walked with James Topp, Canadian veteran soldier under attack by the Canadian government with a court marshal because he chose to not be vaccinated.


I extend my love and appreciation.

Anytime they take a hit on me, for asking important questions (for I function too as an investigative journalist), I will return fire and share something with you that you SHOULD know, to help you really understand the filth even in the movement. I will expose all, down to conversations. It is up to them. I am not a gossipy person nor delight in these issues, however, I will use my media to showcase wrong doings; so those of you reading this, understand who I am. Understand if you poke me, I will kick you in the nuts. I do not even return fire tit for tat.

This is no game, and you like to hurt and damage people. I do not play that game ‘nicely’. There are lives to save here and that is all I seek, to play my little role to save lives. I have been in the trench with the likes of Pierre Kory, Peter McCullough, Paul Marik, Harvey Risch, Richard Amerling, and Heather Gessling, as well as my now brother from another mother, Foster Coulson. I never knew how much of a warrior he was and what he was doing ‘silently’ until I joined him in support of his ‘The Wellness Company’, which can be found at: