I have been told that this substack written by me spooked & unsettled Government of Canada officials (& PM)& in PMO office who know of my advocacy & role globally; word is they rushed to drop mandates

by Paul Alexander

Yes, word is the government of Canada detests me for my role with Dr. Bridle and Dr. Hodkinson supporting the Canadian Convoy Truckers in January and February this year in Ottawa with science facts

The liberal government, the Prime Minister Trudeau ceased being a statesman and leader as he ordered the brutal beating of protestors and truckers. I was there, the truckers were peaceful and law abiding.

People high up in the Canadian government on anonymity have said they read my substack and the PMO staff and highest levels of government read it and discuss daily. I was told they actually get the most updated science and studies from what I post and even give it to Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada Officials. Word is they are learning how the vaccine operates and basic immunology from me and I am no expert. This one substack I was told scared them immensely.

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Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, what a moron, what a stupid inept idiot, to call those of us who did not want the COVID gene injection racist, extremist, misogynist etc. Who is laughing now Trudeau?
They at PHAC said there was no evidence to support that mandate policy yet it was you Trudeau, who caused suffering of Canadians. It was your personal policy, you drama teacher you. Do you know how many thousands if not millions of Canadians are currently vaccine injured with harms and deaths COMING, in time? Yes, many Canadians will die of these inject…
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