I have said before COVID is done, over & OMICRON was our off-ramp; but I have also said that it will not end & WILL continue if we continue using a non-sterilizing vaccine (does not stop transmission)

by Paul Alexander

This pandemic will continue for 100 years with a new variant each 2 months or so if we continue using these failed harmful vaccines that are driving the variants (via natural selection)

Variants that could overcome the sub-optimal immature mounting vaccinal immune pressure will be ‘selected’ as they are the ‘fittest’ via Darwinian natural selection, they have a competitive advantage, and they would be enriched and spread and proliferate in the environment, case in point OMICRON, sub variants BA.1 and BA.2.

There is a serious risk of additional lethal, virulent, highly infectious variants emerging due to the use of these failed non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccines. As per Vanden Bossche explained and I can see in the data, we will see this in the highly vaccinated nations that rolled out vaccines in an aggressive manner. We are seeing it already. Would the mild COVID infections and illness be replaced by severe disease with catastrophic consequences due to the vaccine? I think so. Natural innate Abs (first line of defense) are subverted/outcompeted by mRNA induced vaccinal Abs that are highly specific and these are the Abs that are recalled on re-exposure. Yet these Abs are to the original legacy Wuhan strain.

The reality is that if we do not stop this vaccine program and we continue and also inject our children, the pandemic will go on for 100 years. We will harm and kill many people, including our police and military who were mandated and were healthy and fit.

Now here is a short piece by The Guardian:

Reference: The Guardian (Why is the UK seeing near-record Covid cases? We still believe the three big myths about Omicron)

Read this section:

‘Finally, there is the pernicious myth that we’ve somehow “finished” our vaccination programme, and there is no point in waiting to return to normal. The UK does have a high level of vaccination, particularly in older, more vulnerable populations, and the initial two dose rollout in adults is largely complete. Unfortunately, immunity from vaccines wanes over a matter of months – mostly against infection, but also against severe disease and death.

Boosters help, but also mean it’s more a question of whether you are up to date with vaccination rather than just vaccinated.’

Read this again:

Unfortunately, immunity from vaccines wanes over a matter of months – mostly against infection, but also against severe disease and death.

So the author is saying its junk, the vaccine does not work and all you do with boosting is rev up the antibodies that quickly decline and the protection (I argue there was NEVER any) declines as she said above and against not only infection, but on severe disease and death. Did Pfizer and Moderna not say this vaccine protects against symptoms? Yes they did and they as usual lied to you. They all lied. It was all a lie. And we do not know the safety implications shortly to your health of having this injection inside you. I think it will be devastating. The Canadian government, the US, the British etc., they all lied. And we must examine it all and get accountability.

Just look at most recent weeks 12, 11, and 10 of the recent UK COVID PHE reports, and the weeks 11 and 12 are staggering for they show that the infections are increasing in BOTH the vaccinated and unvaccinated over week 10 and prior. This is devastating for while one may argue it could be accounted for by the BA.2 subvariant, it could be due (IMO) to damage to the natural innate immune system e.g. innate antibodies (innate Abs) and innate natural killer cells (NK cells).

Look at the most recent UK data on infections/cases as of today, in spite of being one of the most heavily double and triple vaccinated nations:


Yet Pfizer’s CEO Bourla says we need a 4th shot (2nd booster like Biden):

Fourth Covid shot is NECESSARY to control the virus, says Pfizer CEO - as Fauci admits 'we don't know' what is to come for vaccines and how many shots may be needed

Yet a very recent NEJM study shows there is no gain in the 4th shot over the 3rd but NO one is listening, its full steam ahead:

NEJM study