I invent new words/adjectives to describe the Canadian government & health officials; 'ludicrosity' & 'moronity' & 'IDIOCITY' bars Novak Djokovic from Canadian tennis Open due to no vaccine; buffoons!

by Paul Alexander

Shame on those 2 idiots at Public Health Agency of Canada Howard Njoo and Theresa Tam, two of the greatest inept stupid health officials ever! They have no clue about the vaccine science & immunology!


Novak Djokovic forced to withdraw from Canadian Open over COVID vaccine mandate; The Christian tennis star is also prepared to miss the US Open rather than submit to vaccine mandates.

“Either the Canadian government is going to change the rules regarding vaccination or he is going to roll up his sleeves and get the vaccine,” said Lepierre. “But I don’t think any of those scenarios are realistic.” 

Djokovic, who has 21 Grand Slam men’s singles titles (2nd only behind Rafael Nadal), including a record nine Australian Open titles, will also likely be barred from participating in the U.S. Open which begins in August, as the United States also requires all visitors to be fully vaccinated.  

Nor indeed does the likely loss of playing in the U.S. Open deter the tennis player from upholding his decision. In July, organizers of the 2022 U.S. Open tennis championships confirmed they would not allow Djokovic to play due to the current border mandates.”