I know you are reading it and it is long, but the key paragraphs I want you to read is here only, only these 3 for it shows you my thinking, and what I said working for Trump and one year ago...

by Paul Alexander

And I stand by it; all we needed was to properly protect the vulnerable high-risk, the elderly, and leave the rest of society alone to live as free Americans, Canadians etc., reasonable precautions

I stand by this and will say it again and again, all we needed was to protect the high risk and nothing else, no eefing vaccine, allow them to make common sense decisions on their risk and safety, nothing else, no touch by the inept illogical, absurd, specious and corrupt government technocrats, nothing, no school closures, no lockdowns, nothing and we would have gotten out of this 2 years ago and we would have saved thousands of businesses and thousands who ended their lives because they could not hold on any longer and we must morn them and never forget them, including our precious children, would be here…

We must look no further than Fauci and Birx for the disaster with their lockdowns…and we wait for Trump to tell us, explain to us why he allowed them to take control of his pandemic response and in so doing, kill so many with their failed policies! but this is me…quote me, print it, share it, but yes, I said this…let children live free I said, 2 years ago, no masks, no school closures, just free and their healthy immune systems, their innate immunity would have tamed this virus and we would have been done of it. Natural and harmless exposure because their immune systems could handle it effectively…I stand by it…we should have let them be exposed and infected…harmlessly as part of their youth and day to day living, tuning up and taxing their immune systems daily as it has to be, and now, now these beelzebubs, these untermenche, these devils in public health, these media freaks, they are coming back around and you watch, they will arrive at what I said 2 years ago, that they tried to destroy me on, they will say it soon and you just wait.

The tragedy is that the CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci and Francis Collins et al. knew these treatments were effective. Had they acknowledged them and studied them and sought the expert input of doctors treating in the field, then it is likely the complete pandemic, as we saw it the last 2 years, none of the lockdowns or mandates, no businesses destroyed, no suicides, none of it, would have happened. Natural immunity would have resulted and we would have had far fewer deaths, and our modelling estimates suggest that 750,000 of the 800,000 deaths in the US would have not happened. People would not have been told to stay home and ‘worsen-in-place/sicken-in-place until your lips turn blue’ before seeking hospital care, by that time far along the disease sequelae and often too late.

How Did We Get Here?

Let us start with a core position that just because there is an emergency situation, if we cannot stop it, this does not provide a rationale for instituting strategies that have no effect or are even worse. We have to fight the concept that if there’s truly nothing we can do to alter the course of a situation (e.g., disease), we still have to do something even if it’s ineffective! Moreover, we do not implement a public health policy that is catastrophic and not working, and then continue its implementation knowing it is disastrous. Let us also start with the basic fact that the government bureaucrats and their medical experts deceived the public by failing to explain in the beginning that everyone is not at equal risk of severe outcome if infected.

This is a key COVID omission and this omission has been used tacitly and wordlessly to drive hysteria and fear. Indeed, the public still does not understand this critically important distinction. The vast majority of people are at little if any risk of severe illness and yet these very people are needlessly cowering in fear because of misinformation and, sadly, disinformation. Yet, lockdowns did nothing to change the trajectory of this pandemic, anywhere! Indeed, it’s highly probable that if lockdowns did anything at all to change the course of the pandemic, they extended our time of suffering. 

What are The Effects of Lockdowns on the General Population?

On the basis of actuarial and real-time data we know that there are tremendous harms caused by these unprecedented lockdowns and school closures. These strategies have devastated the most vulnerable among us – the poor – who are now worse off. It has hit the African-American, Latino, and South Asian communities devastatingly. Lockdowns and especially the extended ones have been deeply destructive. There is absolutely no reason to even quarantine those up to 70 years old. Readily accessible data show there is near 100% probability of survival from COVID for those 70 and under.

This is why the young and healthiest among us should be ‘allowed’ to become infected naturally, and spread the virus among themselves. This is not heresy. It is classic biology and modern public health medicine! And yes, we are referring to ‘herd immunity,’ the latter condition which for reasons that are beyond logic is being touted as a dangerous policy despite the fact that herd immunity has protected us from millions of viruses for tens of thousands of years. Those in the low to no risk categories must live reasonably normal lives with sensible common-sense precautions (while doubling and tripling down with strong protections of the high-risk persons and vulnerable elderly), and they can become a case ‘naturally’ as they are at almost zero risk of subsequent illness or death. This approach could have helped bring the pandemic to an end much more rapidly as noted above, and we also hold that the immunity developed from a natural infection is likely much more robust and stable than anything that could be developed from a vaccine. In following this optimal approach, we will actually protect the highest at risk amongst us. 

Where has Common Sense and True Scientific Thought Gone?

There appears to be a surfeit of panic but a paucity of logic and common sense when it comes to advising our politicians and the public in relation to the pandemic. We hear often misleading information from hundreds of individuals who either hold themselves out as being infallible medical experts or are crowned as such by mainstream media. And we are bombarded relentlessly with their ill-informed, often illogical, and unempirical advice on a 24/7 basis. Much of the advice can only be described as being intellectually dishonest, absurd, untethered from reality and devoid of common sense. They exhibit a kind of academic sloppiness and cognitive dissonance that ignores key data or facts, while driving a sense of hopelessness and helplessness among the public.

These ‘experts’ seem unable to read the science or simply do not understand the data, or seem blinded by it. They and our government leaders talk about “following the science” but do not appear to understand the science enough in order to apply the knowledge towards the decision-making process (if there are processes, that is; most political mandates appear random at best and capricious at worst). These experts have lost all credibility. And all this despite the fact that our bureaucrats now have had at their disposal nearly one year of data and experience to inform their decision-making and despite this they continue to listen to the nonsensical advice they receive from people who are not actually experts. Consequently, we are now faced with a self-created medical and societal disaster with losses that might never be reversed. 

Sadly, when faced with rational arguments that run counter to the near religiously held beliefs, which hold that lockdowns save lives, bureaucrats and medical experts act as ideological enforcers. They attack anyone who disagrees with them and even use the media as their attack dogs once their fiats are questioned. Even more egregious are the often successful actions aimed at destroying the reputations of anyone holding diverse views related to the COVID pandemic. There is also no interest or debate on the crushing harms on societies caused by decrees made by ideologues. The everyday clinicians and nurses at the forefront of the battle are our real heroes and we must never forget and confuse these Praetorian vanguards with the unempirical and often reckless ‘medical experts.’ We hold that the very essence of science and logical thought includes the ability and in fact the responsibility to challenge (reasonably) currently held dogmas; a philosophy that appears to be anathema to our leaders and their advisors.

The COVID Task Force in the US has been flat wrong on everything and has harmed many people and children. They failed with their lockdown policies. Fauci and Birx policies harmed people, harmed children. It is time they listened to other voices, other input that could be of help and stop smearing them!