I predict 450 mass shootings in the US by end of 2022, based on the data as of today May 28th 2022; approx 210 mass shootings; I blame this year escalation on devastation of LOCKDOWNS and Biden admin!

by Paul Alexander

The FAUCI and BIRX and Francis Collins lockdowns and school closures harmed the minds of Americans, especially our young people, especially our already vulnerable persons.

I argue the lockdowns, school closures, and isolations hurt our young persons so very much that it has a role in what we are seeing now is the mass shootings. We cannot discount it. It has to be included in any analysis. This US did not need a divisive threatening govn like the Biden administration that preaches hate and separation. What we have been through during COVID, we need the right govn to lead us out and calm fears and engender hope. What we got in Jan 2021 was a govn screaming at us, at our young persons and threatening them with ostracization etc. if they did not wear masks and take the fake ineffective unsafe vaccines. We needed the right type of support and solace and leadership. We do not have it at present and the nation is fractured and driven apart.