I 'RE-REPORT' this that I posted a couple weeks ago as this study is key as to the myocarditis risk: MYOCARDITIS risk is greater in males < 40 YEARS OLD from the COVID vaccine (MODERNA, 2nd shot)

by Paul Alexander

Patone et al; MYOCARDITIS is not mild, you may get help as a young person, but 25 years later it comes knocking and often results in death; severe myocarditis has a 5-10 year life expectancy of 50%

For this COVID, we should have done nothing other than properly protect the elderly in the nursing homes. As soon as we figured out who was at risk etc. and this was by the middle of April 2020. This IMO, was never a pandemic, this was no public health emergency. Most of this was a duplicitous lie and none of this was needed and we have really damaged the world. Public health officials and medical doctors have gone to zero credibility now. We have killed thousands by the lockdowns and now the vaccines that do not work, are killing people. The vaccine do not work and I argue, never did.

These craven ‘lockdown lunatics’ have killed people by their policies! We always knew that we can never get ahead of a mutating respiratory virus, ever. Moreover, COVID has an animal reservoir. We can never get to ‘zero COVID’ and definitely not via lockdowns and the correct approach would have been to ‘manage’ and we learn to live with the pathogen as we do with many others. We live with 4 common cold coronaviruses where we know that they started at pandemic type levels e.g. OC 43 in about 1880 or so, and we have been living with it for decades as a mild, benign coronavirus that gives us colds. It did what this COVID virus will do, that is mutate over time, down to benign symbiotic levels.

All we needed day 1 was to strongly protect the vulnerable among us and mainly the elderly high-risk people, in our private homes and nursing home settings, and while doing that, use early outpatient treatment if granny got infected as she would then get natural immunity, and use some PSAs on vitamin D and body weight control, as we allowed all others, the entire rest of the healthy ‘well’ society to live reasonably normal unfettered lives, taking reasonable precautions and to live free. Nothing else. No lockdowns, no school closures, no insane mass testing and isolation of asymptomatic people. It was not only ludicrous but harmful. And we would have gotten to population-level herd immunity, and with no vaccine. None! Only targeted, with proper informed consent, to high risk persons. No mandate, no mass vaccination as it was not needed.

These vaccine mandates must be stopped immediately!

The brief argument and data presented below (Patone et al.) focuses on myocarditis which is a very serious problem, and shows that vaccine risk for myocarditis in persons < 40 far exceeds risks of myocarditis from COVID infection and especially in males (Moderna and even Pfizer vaccine). Public health officials are being duplicitous and lying when they state opposite in favor of vaccine risk (being that vaccine myocarditis risk is lower than infection risk). Myocarditis is not ‘mild’ and those who state this are very dangerous.

The findings by Patone et al. are profound for it demonstrates that Pfizer and Moderna must immediately stop their existing vaccines in males under 40 years of age.

The data in this pre-print is very robust and startling and leaves hardly any question as to the myocarditis risk; 2nd graph from the left and the tallest bar, is the key graph in the paper by Patone that shows myocarditis risk is greatest post 2nd Moderna vaccine dose in persons < 40 years (see url here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-021-01630-0.pdf)…

Note that they modelled infection data (2nd graph from the left, extreme right red bar) based only on lab confirmed data and it is very likely the bar (burden) will be lower for infection in subsequent analyses when all denominator data is considered…also they did not look at this across gender which was a concern.

When researchers updated the research, they pulled the data apart by age and gender (https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.23.21268276v1.full.pdf) which firmly shows that males < 40 (Moderna) are at far greater risk for myocarditis than infection….and for doses 1 and 2. This data also showed that Pfizer doses 2 and 3 result in greater myocarditis than COVD infection(red bar). Some argue that if the younger ages e.g. 16 to 25 or so is pulled out, that the vaccine myocarditis risk is even more markedly elevated.