I reshare this substack I wrote & the question is simple: can a woman who is pregnant & takes the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection DURING pregnancy or AFTER birth harm the infant? Yes!

by Paul Alexander

YES, vaccinating mother is as if baby in utero is being vaccinated, the infant even gets the mother's vaccine induced antibodies, we know that vaccine content, spike, mRNA is in breast milk, placenta

mRNA from mother’s vaccine can harm the infant in utero as well as soon after birth and this cannot be taken off the table to help explain this surge in infant myocarditis (in new borns). This has to be investigated urgently for the child is at risk for the full range of pathology seen in adults and teens etc. paralysis, pericarditis, stroke, brain bleeds, cardiac arrest etc. Pregnant women must take this very seriously and weigh the benefits and risk to the baby in utero before taking any such COVID vaccine. Demand that your doctor examine the benefits and harms.

Importantly, the infants natural ‘innate immune system’ (innate antibodies and natural killer cells (NK)) is overlooked and this first line of defense is developing and immature yet still broadly protective. There is a window of training that the innate antibodies must be allowed (in the child as the maternal antibodies wane) and to do this, they must bind to the virus so as to learn how to handle them. This protects the child yet the high specificity, high affinity COVID vaccine induced antibodies will outcompete the innate antibodies for the target antigen (spike). This subversion of the innate antibodies will leave them ‘untrained’ and thus they will be unable to properly educate the innate immune system and larger immune response on i)how to handle pathogen the infant and child is confronted with NOW ii) how to handle pathogen (glycosilated virus etc. like measles, mumps, rubella, RSV, rotavirus etc.) in the future as the maternal antibodies wane and also the innate antibodies and iii) how to educate the natural killer cells in differentiating ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components of the child and this will leave the child suspectible to auto-immune diseases. The child will be damaged life-long. COVID vaccine induced antibodies in the mother and thus the child will and could damage the training of the child’s innate immune system (innate antibodies and natural killer cells) and this is catastrophic for a young child. In short, an infant or young child should not be exposed to the COVID vaccine induced antibodies (from mother or themselves being vaccinated) until they have gotten their full series (prime and booster) for glycosilated pathogen (viruses) that share similar surface antigen, sugars, glycans etc.

Be warned. Mothers, ask your doctor about what I wrote above.