I said 2 yrs ago, all that was needed is strongly protect the elderly & vulnerable, FIRST, & ensure early treatment is there if infected in nursing homes & private homes, PSA vit D & weight control

by Paul Alexander

AND above all, we allow entire rest of society to live free, unfettered, allow the 'well' and 'healthy' low risk to be free, no lockdowns, school closures, mandates, EVER; Fauci/Birx policies killed

I stand by this…this was all that was needed, where we properly protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of society to live reasonably normal lives with precautions as needed. No lockdowns, no school closures, no mask mandates, none of it. This is all…with as least disruption of the society as possible. Allow people to make their own informed decisions, freely. PSAs on healthy living for COVID has shown how unhealthy our societies are and COVID exploited risk factors.

But the craven ‘lockdown lunatics’ in Trump’s TASK FORCE had a field day and savaged our populations with their madness, for it was, and is madness! No other term suffices. I was attacked and smeared and those like me, who called for protections of the vulnerable FIRST and the rest of society living normal lives, as near normal as possible with sensible day to day precautions based on their risks.

Just look at the serious situation with metabolic syndrome (MS) and COVID and how locking down made things far worse as people gained 40 pounds and were sedentary for 2 years…got more unhealthy…MS is and was already a very serious issue in our western society before COVID and some good research is showing COVID has lit a fire. Emerging results demonstrate that persons with metabolic syndrome are near 80% more likely to be hospitalized, 60% more likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit, and 80% more likely to die from COVID-19…obesity, hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, and hypertension are modifiable components of metabolic syndrome that would reduce morbidity and mortality of COVID-19…please do not think I am being insulting, I am only trying to share information to help each of us, if it can help and inform.

What is MS? The five conditions described below are metabolic risk factors. You can have any one of these risk factors by itself, but they tend to occur together. You must have at least three metabolic risk factors to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

  • A large waistline. This also is called abdominal obesity or "having an apple shape." Excess fat in the stomach area is a greater risk factor for heart disease than excess fat in other parts of the body, such as on the hips.

  • A high triglyceride level (or you're on medicine to treat high triglycerides). Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood.

  • A low HDL cholesterol level (or you're on medicine to treat low HDL cholesterol). HDL sometimes is called "good" cholesterol. This is because it helps remove cholesterol from your arteries. A low HDL cholesterol level raises your risk for heart disease.

High blood pressure (or you're on medicine to treat high blood pressure). Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage your heart and lead to plaque buildup.

  • High fasting blood sugar (or you're on medicine to treat high blood sugar). Mildly high blood sugar may be an early sign of diabetes.

Sorry about the digression on MS, but I wanted to show how the lockdowns further damaged us and made things worse as people were locked inside, gyms closed etc. For no good reason. We begged them at the highest levels of US govn to follow what we were saying as to no lockdowns and no extensions and they did not…the Task Force and insiders, they were trying to hurt Trump to make the society unmanageable and make it as if he was doing everything wrong…he was trying hard though, I can say…they subverted him each angle…the US pandemic response moved from a public health one by the end of March to a political one and being in an election year made is a million times worse.

And it is that the US that leads the world and it is the US lockdown that the rest of the world followed. Several high level people told me from different nations that they locked down only in fear the US would cut them off and ban travel out of their nations and ban money transfers…they said that, it was the money transfer….they only followed due to that…now it has taken on a life of its own for they scared their people so much to comply, now the people wont come out to play…same with boosters and shots, now the people want the shots when govn and vaccine makers now see they may be in trouble legally with the deaths now accumulating from the shots.

Nothing else was needed, just strong protections of the vulnerable, no vaccine. No vaccine was ever needed for this. We brought a vaccine under OWS that was NOT needed. Also, we had early treatment. It is very effective in cutting risk of hospitalization and death.

We should have allowed infants, children, young persons, middle aged, all persons who are healthy, the low risk population to live free, we should have never ever locked down or closed schools…we told them to stop, I, Atlas, we argued and fought the Task Force…I fought with NIH and CDC over damaging polices and terrible science and actions…Fauci and Birx lockdown polices killed thousands and must be examined legally in time…there was no science to support any of the US Task Force actions and many killed.

Trump was misled but he must say so at some point for his decision to allow Fauci and Birx to lead his pandemic response and be the face of it costed him the election…I know, we were getting thousands across the US who told us how much they supported him but were dismayed by the pandemic response…it was crushingly harmful to them…I grew to understand them…they lost lots. Many lost children and their families who committed suicide due to the closures.

I encourage you to step back and think about this focused strategy approach, where we age-risk stratify policies and protect vulnerable folk as we should always, but leave the rest of society alone, but look, the reality now is COVID is done, it is over and it is ending but we have to tell the government that it is over. They, the craven lockdown lunatics will NEVER stop if we do not stop them.

What is needed now is to say it is over. Either the people or the government must take a first and urgent step. One must take the lead now and say it is over and we move forward. Until that happens, this will not stop. It is not only about money now, it is about serious wrongs that were done by high level people including vaccine makers and they now have to ensure they do not break ranks and find ways to cover up malfeasance. For there is malfeasance.