I say again, DO NOT discredit me or dismiss me, or Dr. McCullough, Dr. Oskoui, Dr. Risch, Dr. Tenenbaum, Dr. Urso, Dr. Ladapo, Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Vanden Bossche etc. when we question COVID shot; it kills

by Paul Alexander

It is past time you at CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC etc. come to the table & debate us, have a civil deep scientific discussion based on the evidence since day 1 COVID, all vaccine data, we want to! Do YOU?

It is time. Every COVID lockdown policy you enacted failed! All! It is time now to recognize the COVID gene injection failures! To stem the bleeding!

We urge you to the table. Let us have sensible discussions so that we can right the many wrongs in this COVID injection. This COVID gene injection platform has failed, is very dangerous and kills! Do not vaccinate our healthy children with this. You will set them on a death path.

You Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Slaoui, Marks, Woodcock, Hahn, CDC, NIH, FDA etc. have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of this virus to evolve when placed under the sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure due to the vaccine being non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing. You have treated the virus as ‘stand alone’ and this was your catastrophic failure. This virus must be approached in conjunction with the complex interplay with the host immune response. That viral-host response is critical and will help you grasp why the vaccine has failed. And why it cannot work. It is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that is causing variant after variant and you must stop this vaccine! It is the vaccine, stupid! Not the virus. The failure is not due to properties intrinsic to the virus but infectious properties given to it, by the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies.