I say again, we have near senile, octogenarian people, frat boy State Department people, deranged people pushing the US into a hot war with Russia...the US has to wake up, this is real...day by day

by Paul Alexander

Day by day, these insane people are pushing the US to war...these freaks who are doing this, will not send their sons and daughters, no, they will send yours...cannot pee straight but want nuke war

Are you ready for a nuclear war? You best start thinking about this for we are closer than you realize. I am very concerned. These insane people are pushing us to conflict with Russia.

This could have been solved with diplomacy and negotiated settlement. IMO, the world is being provoked into war.

Recall what happened with the fraud invasion and bombing of Iraq…no WMD…a lie. Are we going to do same again?

Is the war in Ukraine about something other than Ukraine? I am trying to find out.