I thought COVID Task Force under Trump e.g. Fauci, Birx, Hahn was a Clown car show, just a car of clowns subverting Trump; but Biden's admin won't be outdone, it's the Muppet Show, dimwits & dolts!

by Paul Alexander

It took the Biden administration the entire day as Darth Vadar Austin walked around staring at his navel shining his face shield, what an idiot, to declare invaded airspace? what EFFing dolts!

We get the Muppet Show with Biden’s White House.

Is the Biden White House giving China American nuclear secrets? Allowing the blimp to map out where the nukes are? Remember, the Obama-Biden White House gave Iran the sophisticated Air Force drone and then lied and said it crashed yet we know it landed on its own; and remember Obama-Biden gave Iran the 2 high-tech naval gunboats and then lied and said they (BOTH) ran aground in the Persian Gulf? Both, statistically impossible for that to happen.

Obama-Biden are quite good and effortless in giving America’s secrets to foreign governments so its no biggie for them to do same here. Par for the course I imagine.

And you have poor Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), she is clueless, does not know if she is going or coming, they make this lady look so stupid, at least red (Psaki) before her would just lie (well not as bad as Walensky who has triple doctorates in lying), but this KJP lady is clueless, for she has to defend the White House claiming victory, that their language was ‘strong’,


‘The strong language from the White House belies what critics say is inaction in the face of a clear Chinese incursion into U.S. airspace.’

Lord have mercy, help us Lord, the White House declared victory with it’s ‘strong language’…oh good God!

yet we are really talking about an EFFing foreign nation having a balloon (it flew for near 10,000 miles or so across the Pacific (and your greatest military could not track that) hovering over all your nuclear silos and you could not figure out how to pop and blow up the shit…took you a whole damn day to say this is wrong and a violation…oh God, I can’t take it, I can’t.

Can’t you clowns just shoot it down? Blow it up? Thank God at least little Suzie having her ice cream was able to spot it overhead and then her folks etc. notified authorities who notified the Pentagon, gee whiz, thank God for sharp eyed Suzie wink wink.