I told them, wrote about it, Vanden Bossche, McCullough, Oskoui, Risch told them, that immune imprinting by previous antigenic exposure (ancestral legacy strain) will DOOM the new bivalent boosters

by Paul Alexander

We told them the COVID bivalent boosters (BA.4/.5 sub-variant/clade) will fail, as usual, did not listen, & it DID fail & again I present 2 examples; CDC, NIH, FDA etc. scientists are idiots, morons

We have written and publicly stated this and Venden Bossche leads in this that the COVID-19 virus (basically any respiratory virus e.g. the flu) evolves and adapts way too quickly to be able to develop boosters that can handle newly emerging variants. This is basic immunology and vaccinology and it behooves us as to how inept and stupid the vaccine developers and FDA officials are. You can never EVER get ahead of a mutating respiratory virus with a vaccine, PERIOD! Especially if you are placing the target antigens under selective pressure as we have done day one with COVID virus. Such vaccines cannot be approved fast enough to keep in step with the steady and rapid mutations especially accumulating on the infectiousness of the virus, namely the epitopes (binding areas/domains) on the spike protein.

As long as you mass vaccinate into the teeth of a pandemic in terms of when there is massive infectious pressure due to circulating virus, and people are exposed immediately post vaccination, then the induced vaccinal antibodies will not have the time needed to develop what we call ‘full affinity’ or maximal binding capacity to the target antigen (epitopes) so that they can neutralize/sterilize the virus. They (vaccinal antibodies) can still bind the virus but not neutralize the virus. Natural selection will ensue where selective pressure will select for the most infectious variants that will go on to become the new dominant variant (s). This sub-optimal immune pressure drives viral immune escape and we will see original antigenic sin (immune fixation or priming or imprinting), antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (and or disease), immune tolerance (class-switch to IgG4 antibody class).


Examples of failures:

Study 1 (Barouch et al.):



‘Our data indicate that both monovalent and bivalent mRNA boosters markedly increased antibody responses but did not substantially augment T-cell responses. Neutralizing antibody titers against the ancestral strain of SARS-CoV-2 were higher than titers against BA.5 after both monovalent and bivalent boosting.’

Study 2 (Ho and Wang et al.):



‘Boosting with new bivalent mRNA vaccines targeting both the BA.4–BA.5 variant and the D614G strain did not elicit a discernibly superior virus-neutralizing peak antibody response as compared with boosting with the original monovalent vaccines.’