I told you before & in my book out November 15th, COVID response was military & political one, never was a public health one; my life was threatened 2 days ago, DON'T RELEASE BOOK or CHANGE THE TITLE

by Paul Alexander

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Now you understand when I shared that the Operation Warp Speed office was above mine's in HHS, they on 7th, I on 6th, and that when I went for meetings e.g. with Moncef Slaoui etc., I would see heavy heavy military all around us and in offices. I have written many times OWS was heavily military. The people I met and sat with in meetings of OWS were heavily military, all in full military gear. The military people I met and interacted with were good people.

It is clear the response was one where they had to have vaccine to fix what they did. So it makes sense if the military was involved in inception, then military would be involved when the shit hit the fan so to speak. This is all so fascinating and wonderful scholarship by Debbie Lerman (I post next). 

I have to be clear, I do not blame the military. I blame the Faucis and Francis Collins etc. of this world that the military had to enlist for help, and their intent. The US Military would have been negligent and derelict if China as an example, was involved in weaponizing coronavirus, and the US was not figuring out how to respond etc.

The COVID pandemic response was a military and political one, never a public health one. Day one. And the one common thread, no one knew what they were doing for they created something and it got out, deliberate or not, and they had no idea what it was doing or would do...they were scared of what they did and the intent was to cover it up by imposing a vaccine fix; vax had to come to fix it and FAST...in some sense China's reaction suggests that are giving it the regard it deserves. Or did deserve. Does China know of poison pills we do not know of or yet and their insane reaction is not insane. Again, lots to uncover.