I told you wolf is agitating, coming alive, COVID had him hiding, now it's over, the wolf is re-emerging; be careful, arm your daughters, teach her to kill mercilessly if her life is is threatened

by Paul Alexander

I don't give a rats ass for those in this stack who say I am harsh...there is a wolf among us who Obama & Bush et al. flood us with, we must now contend & more now from S America; FAKE 'child' migrant

Remember BATACLAN! That was the wolf! He is here!

Many of the migrants who are children are NOT…they are fake children…these are hard back men, MEN, who shaved and dressed like a child but is a rapist possible killer…I warn you again! You know I tell you as it is, I ain’t no bullshit crooked corrupted republican or democrat politicians trying to steal your tax money for gain…I did not steal COVID relief money like them…investigate them…all of them!

I ain’t no politician who sells Trump out for the right price and position. These republicans! A bunch of pusillanimous corrupted Untermensch.

Have no mercy on the wolf, he will have none on you, your daughter! We told them the wolf was lying about his age, getting to sit at 18 years old, shaving his face, sitting in your 8 year old daughter’s class telling the moronic UN corrupted woke mad ass people that he was 9 years old with no papers…he sits as 9 years old in Canada, UK etc. with your daughter…and he is raping his way across Europe…he has started again…he never went…he was just scared of COVID….be warned, COVID tamped him down but he is coming alive again…listen, look at media! COVID brought us just one benefit, it cooled the wolf down for 2 years…

remember, places like Sweden, Belgium etc. became the rape capitals of the world where young women, blond women especially could not go out after 6 pm…the wolf was in rage…raping…be warned! Teach your daughters in US to kill the wolf should the wolf threaten their lives…have no mercy! arm her, teach her, let her train! legal, but be warned.

Be careful!



Adult ‘Refugee’ Posing As Child Evicted From Student Housing After Schoolgirl Rape

‘In Edmonton, Canada, six teenage girls under 16 were allegedly touched (sexually assaulted) by a Syrian refugee, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, at a water-park. This has caused a real uproar and many have used this to taint all refugees in Canada. This is rather different from the wholesale sexual rapes and assaults in Europe. This is an incident involving pedophilia, not quite the same as has been taking place on a larger scale in Europe. It just so happens that he is from Syria.’