I warn again about REMDESIVIR; all it showed is a modest decline in recovery duration e.g. 10 days to 9 days; even WHO said not to use it; how could the US then have it as standard of care?

by Paul Alexander

Research shows it is liver and kidney toxic and patents have died on it, it does not work and is harmful; do not use; Fauci and NIH meddled with the methods and results, NIH study was bogus

This is criminal corruption at the highest order to have this drug as SOC when we have other treatments that could have worked as prophylaxis or early treatment and even hospital treatment and NOT this dangerous drug…the very same morning that that NIH and Fauci announced the NIH corrupted remdesivir findings and use of it as SOC, Wang et al. had published in LANCET the failure of the drug and the media and NIH and Fauci operated as if it did not exist. Once would torture the data to drive positive results with meta-analysis (one way meta are used corruptibly)…

see Wang et al. study here and the abstract:

These are the key findings and tell me what jumps out at you:

‘Findings: Between Feb 6, 2020, and March 12, 2020, 237 patients were enrolled and randomly assigned to a treatment group (158 to remdesivir and 79 to placebo); one patient in the placebo group who withdrew after randomisation was not included in the ITT population. Remdesivir use was not associated with a difference in time to clinical improvement (hazard ratio 1·23 [95% CI 0·87-1·75]). Although not statistically significant, patients receiving remdesivir had a numerically faster time to clinical improvement than those receiving placebo among patients with symptom duration of 10 days or less (hazard ratio 1·52 [0·95-2·43]). Adverse events were reported in 102 (66%) of 155 remdesivir recipients versus 50 (64%) of 78 placebo recipients. Remdesivir was stopped early because of adverse events in 18 (12%) patients versus four (5%) patients who stopped placebo early.’


Read Pierre’s view on this here: