I warn again, we must not vaccinate our children or young persons with these COVID vaccines; it was not studied as to ADE etc.; we also run the risk of suppressing/eroding their innate immunity

by Paul Alexander

Their innate immunity protects them against a broad range of pathogen, including coronaviruses & other respiratory pathogen; innate gives a type of herd immunity as it dilutes infectious CoV pressure

Think not twice, but three times, and no, four times before you get your child vaccinated. Innate immunity is a ‘gift’ for children and young persons…they come with it and it is their first line of protection to pathogen…we must not destroy it…I would argue that it is innate that is needed in conjunction with natural immunity, and if we damage innate, natural immunity will be easily overwhelmed….

We must stop this, and never ever allow this vaccine in healthy children; the vaccines are ineffective as per data and even harmful and so why would a parent, with a healthy child that has statistical zero risk, with a vaccine that confers no benefit, agree to this? No doubt the decision has to be made fully informed of risks and benefits and with one’s doctor, and that higher risk children will involve different decisions given different risk-benefit calculation (a risk based approach). Of course case by case if we are dealing with a child with medical conditions.

I refer in this piece to mass vaccination of healthy children which is the vast majority. Children’s innate immunity usually protects them and confers a kind of herd immunity that dilutes infectious CoV pressure at the level of the population; mass vaccination may turn them into shedders of more infectious variants; vaccinal antibodies could suppress their innate antibodies (outcompete them) as the vaccinal antibodies are antigen specific with high affinity; in suppressing, children will be vulnerable to a broad array of pathogen; by boosting also we would have the innate under continual suppression and thus children under continual risk of CoV infection as well as infection from other pathogen.

We have to stand strong here and ensure this is stopped! We can end up killing many of our children with these vaccines; thousands….I do not say this lightly…I do not know how else to say it; the vaccine developers or CDC or NIH or Fauci cannot say I am wrong for they have not proven that they are right and that the vaccine is safe; they failed to do this and the FDA failed to ensure this.

Children will be harmed.

I re-include my last Brownstone op-ed on this, in fact, I include all one I did for AIER…