I warn AGAIN: we will harm and kill many of our police, military, border agents, customs officers etc. with these ineffective and harmful vaccines; I plead, stop the vaccines, will kill our children

by Paul Alexander

We will end up killing healthy children with these vaccines; DO NOT believe anything the CDC, NIH and even FDA now says, all corrupted; these people do not care about our safety, not like before

The data Pfizer et al. gave to FDA for initial EUA was corrupted fraud data, they knew it, they knew that the 95% RRR was bogus, they knew it was less than 1% ARR, that the vaccine was ineffective before out of the gate and even harmful, they knew their vaccine did not stop infection or transmission or death etc. and that it was non-sterilizing, that it was DOA before out of the box yet got the FDA to approve…notice I said ‘got the FDA to approve’….look, in time you will learn just how fraudulent this entire COVID enterprise was and the role of FDA in it.

The vaccine mandates must end, the emergency declarations must be lifted NOW, there is no science or basis to support it, and COVID has been over 1.5 years now, it is done, it is time we get back to normal lives and stop the vaccine roll-out, they are too ineffective and harmful and should have never been rolled out in the first place. Never in the arms of our children. Never! A hill we must be prepared to defend and die on as parents!

You will come to learn that most of COVID was a fraud, yes Trump was right, not the virus, but the response, and we could have dealt with it in 2 months if we just did the right thing. We had early effective treatment that the state medical licensing boards and Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons prevented, and doctors acquiesced to protect their salaries and research grants and the like. All are pusillanimous weaklings and sell outs and we must investigate them and all who costed lives must be accountable legally and pay heavy financial fines to those who lost lives, their families. If it is shown you costed lives, that your actions were reckless and costed lives, you must pay.