I warn again, with approx. 220 mass shootings in the US (crude) 2022 (includes Uvalde Texas & Buffalo New York recent tragedies, MAY 2022), I project that US will have 450 mass shootings end of 2022

by Paul Alexander

We have had these steady at about 25-30 per year even before 2017, but COVID lockdowns destroyed the mind; DEMOCRATS, stfu, you control house, senate, White House, put up or stfu on gun control

In my view, we do not touch the 2nd, in no way. 2nd is off limits!

The 2nd amendment in the US is there for a reason in my understanding:

1)It allows people to defend their lives under threat

2)It allows people to defend against a tyrannical rogue government

3)If the nation is attacked by foreign invaders and the government cannot defend, the people WILL defend their nation.

4) Used to help protect the 1st.

That is the US. I applaud. Never give an inch on the 2nd, ever!

I come at this as a larger societal issue and I link it to COVID lunacy lockdowns and school closures. We may have seriously damaged the minds of the young people in US and those already vulnerable with Fauci and Birx’s lockdowns…we pulled their freedom, we isolated them nonsensically, with no sound justification, we told them they could make no decision and even had to take a vaccine that was harmful when they see the insane nutball chief himself Gavin Newsom with COVID shots out his eyeballs and yet still getting sick, praising the shots…no wonder young people are deranged…

yes Fauci and Birx did this, I lay all these mass shootings at their feet. Something about them is wrapped up in the illogical and irrational specious COVID lockdown lunacy. All who did this have the blood of these children on their hands and our precious African American peoples in Buffalo…for had schools and society been functional the last few years, we may have flagged these evil deranged wretched shooters…don’t go blaming guns, blame your phuckery you did the last over 2 years to us, you lockdown lunatic freaks…as I have said, lock you all up! Prison for all who were involved, and that includes the CEO of Pfizer Bourla and Bancel of Moderna, if wrong is shown in proper legal settings. If we drag these demons into proper inquiries and I include all those public health freaks in Canada, and it is shown that their decisions costed lives needlessly, we lock them up!

DEMOCRATS, you don’t need the republicans and RINOs to pass anything…you want gun control? put it out on the floor and pass it…or is it that you don’t have the votes and all this is really is bull shit…??? bull shit politics.

Lockdowns began under Trump due to the Beelzebub Fauci, Francis Collins, and Birx…so Trump will need explain why he did not fire these devils day 1…we needed someone other than a Biden for the new administration, we needed a real leader to undo the devastation set in place by the Fauci, Collins, Birx lockdowns and school closures…to calm and heal the nation…we saw the uptick 2021 in mass shootings under 11 months of a Biden administration and the bubbling beginning to overflow. Now 2022 it is exploding and I predict will get worse, many more…

get the right people to the table to urgently discuss fixing this…yes we need action, but let us have proper honest debates and not let it get highjacked like how the left and right have highjacked the abortion debate. So we get nowhere.