I warn, my first blush analysis shows well over 200 mass shootings in US for 2022 (first 5 months) and on track in US for 450 for 2022; projected 600% increase; 61 in 2021, over 200 in 2022 thus far

by Paul Alexander

I will wrote shortly connecting COVID lockdown lunacy and the Biden administration and what has happened in mass shootings since the Biden administration too office...we see sharp increases

Yes, there were mass shootings across the last decade but roughly stable at about 25-30 per year; we project 425-450 for 2022. Predict a 600% increase in mass shootings in US by the end of 2022 if numbers stay same.

Biden administration has poured fuel into the fire of the COVID lockdown lunacy that harmed the nation’s psyche…it is exploding now as there is no hope. The nation needed a different type of leadership, not one breeding and driving hatred and divisiveness. The broken minds from the over 2 years of COVID lockdowns and school closures and especially to the already vulnerable young minds, have been devastated by the ‘no hope’ and terrorization of the Biden administration. The overly medication nation and youth, the cannabis sativa/weed, the opioids, the pressing mental health needs, the threat of no employment of school etc. without a fraud of a vaccine etc. It is driving our people insane.

The attacks on the police forces by the government across the US has also been immense too and destructive and the moral is low. They are devastated. The healing this nation needed, the solace, has been absent under the Biden administration.