I warned you, COVID is over, the 'WOLF' is coming alive again, embrace your 2nd; "Afghan Mass Stabber Claims Attack Was Triggered By Interaction with Atheist, also in another attack"...be warned

by Paul Alexander

Afghan migrant accused of going on stabbing rampage in Sweden first tried to claim asylum in Norway & claimed to be minor after applying as refugee in Sweden a year later." 8th century in 21st century

What would you expect when you bring 8th century animals to the 21st century? I told you, put 1000 years between the North African animal and the Middle Eastern jihadist and the free western world, not the legal law abiding people, the jihadists I refer to, we circle back in 1000 years to check on them, until then, the desert is where they belong. There is always good in everything, always, but for those who wish to harm for their purposes, those who reside in the pre-civilization era, then they should remain there. You cannot expect 21st century thinking people to live with 9th century thinking people. How? If this really was about ‘kindness and compassion’, then you were flat wrong and you now threaten your people.

Americans, get your legal guns ready, properly stored, go get training, clean scopes, target practice, legal, handle it legally, and learn to shoot to kill in defense of your life, especially your girls, your daughters, for the wolf is here and is coming for your girls, thank Biden and Obama for that, recall Omar (Pulse) and Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik Syed Rizwan Farook courtesy of Obama, just to name a few. Yet there are many, a large portion of muslims who are good people. Many are my friends and are good people. I am talking about the wolf, that type. And it need not be islamic either. The wolf is a special type of individual. A depraved heart. Sick neanderthalic and primitive, depraved. Stone age mentality. That wolf.


I remind you about France’s Bataclan club, where 130 were dis-emboweled and genitals stabbed up and people tortured by the ‘nice’ ‘peaceful’ illegals, the wonderful refugees. The ones not even Martha’s Vineyard woke hypocrites would take in. They knew the wolf is coming in those buses from the Southern border. They protected their girls.

Bataclan images the media did not show; the worst torture was reserved by these savages, these beasts, for those on the 2nd floor where females were stabbed repeatedly in their vaginas. Eyes cut out, male balls cut out and stuffed in their mouths. That is the ‘nice’ beast that Obama and Biden brought in to the US and even Bush. That is why as COVID circles the drain, you oil up the 2nd…




The wolf sits next to your daughter in classrooms as a minor, yes, coming up via the Southern border, in primary and high school, beard shaven, looking Latino, says he is 12 but he is 28; this is what Biden and Obama did and the wolf is now also coming via the Southern border with Wuhan Fentanyl in his pockets.

Tied to this wolf is the fact that China is waging chemical war on the US with Wuhan Fentanyl and for the life of me I don’t know how come the US military will not drone those Fentanyl facilities. Did China also attack the US via a biological attack with coronavirus? Are high level government people linked to the drug trade (including Fentanyl) and thus why it can continue to come in ‘unstopped’? It is a reasonable question to ask. I make no clear definitive statements, I am asking you a question.