I/we are called heretics, we are slandered, smeared by the media & the established science community, why? because we decided to stand up for humanity? do we benefit? no, and we fight for our children

by Paul Alexander

The fight is for our kids; issue is I want to break bread with former colleagues & the established community, but we have different motives, I/we are fighting for humanity, to save lives, to inform

They are not bad human beings, no, but are drunk of power and money hungry, filthy drunk…the Faucis, the Francis Collins, the Walenskys, the Bourlas etc…and many in the prior Trump admin…many in the present Biden admin…in a feeding frenzy…rabid. so many wrongs have been done to harm good innocent people in the name of COVID..so many made insane money with corrupt PPE and other contracts…with vaccines…we must get a full accounting and hold them to account…they are not stopping to think about their actions and failure to do the right thing…doctors, scientists, hospitals, government bureaucrats, technocrats, public health agency employees and leaders etc…they do not seem to care…its cognitive dissonance gone wild and mad! every single COVID policy failed across the last 2 years…all…not one, no lockdown, no school closures, no mask mandate, no vaccine, none, they all failed and harmed us and we must get to the bottom and get punishment for these people in jails!

My fight as is yours, is for the children and grand children today, it is a core aspect…this is the hill we be prepared to die on…to protect our children. FIRST! Above all.

It is to save our children that we wage this battle and we will bring it to them…