I & we (Geert vanden Bossche, Yeadon, Malone, Alexander) have argued that these imperfect 'leaky' COVID vaccines could actually enhance transmission of highly virulent variants; we were right!

by Paul Alexander

Can some vaccines drive evolution of more infectious variants? Traditional belief is that natural selection culls lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission; an evolutionary dead-end

I have been writing this and you must be fed up by now…but its key to understand how we got here and the likely explanation. I am heavily schooled and work with Geert Vanden Bossche, Dan Stock, Robert Malone, Mike Yeadon etc. and these people are incredible minds, beyond our time.

The thing is that vaccines that allows the hosts to stay alive yet still allow transmission of pathogen to susceptibles could permit very virulent strains (infectious and even lethal) to circulate within a population. These COVID vaccines I argue presented the same situation and this is catastrophic and will get worse if the vaccine is not stopped. OMICRON offers a chance to end this madness and to ensure we do not damage the healthy innate immune system of our children. The vaccines are already faulty and non-sterilizing, in that they do not stop transmission or infection. They work only to moderate symptoms. They promote massive infection of the vaccinated, who gets ill, and can then transmit to the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Look around, this has happened. The data from UK, Israel etc. showed us this happened and is happening. It is getting worse.

It is the mass ‘population’ vaccination using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus (these COVID vaccines that do not stop transmission), during an ongoing pandemic (Delta/OMICRON), where there is MASSIVE infectious pressure (from circulating pathogen as now), intersecting with ‘MOUNTING’ sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccinal immunity pressure (vaccine immunity that does not hit the prevailing variant OMICRON as based on initial Wuhan strain) where the vaccinal antibodies are ‘immature’ and not fully ‘developed’ as it needed the time, then NATURAL SELECTION will ‘select’ the ‘fittest’ variants that are most infectious that could OVERCOME the mounting imperfect non-sterilizing vaccinal antibodies, and these move forward. This happens in you, me, and everyone vaccinated (as variants are all around in the environment) in the midst of infectious pressure and then there is the result of fulminant massive new most infectious variant becoming DOMINANT e.g. Omicron.

Key issues to consider:

  1. the existing vaccine CANNOT work as they miss the OMICRON spike, as based on the initial variant and vaccinal antibodies are for the Wuhan spike

  2. NATURAL selection will select for more infectious variants as mentioned

  3. INNATE immunity is children and young persons helps keep the infectious pressure down and contributes to natural immunity and thus herd immunity; by vaccinating children, the vaccinal antibodies can suppress/subvert/outcompete the innate antibodies and leave children and young persons vulnerable to a host of pathogen they would normally not be to; this is catastrophic and children MUST NOT be vaccinated

  4. OMICRON offers a gift for it is nature’s vaccine and an ‘exit’ strategy if politicians are courageous and brave to grab it; given it is very mild with little side effects; it functions more optimally than a vaccine here; note, I am not endorsing the vaccine here

  5. Allow low risk persons especially healthy children and young persons to be exposed naturally and harmlessly as their immune systems can handle OMICRON; if there is another variant to dominate, it will be even milder than OMICRON

  6. By OMICRON resisting the vaccinal immunity, then the vaccinal antibodies do not outcompete the innate antibodies and the innate antibodies are now ‘set free’ to now regain its functional capacity to sterilize the virus and move to herd immunity

  7. You can never ever get to herd immunity with these COVID vaccines as they do not sterilize the virus; if it cannot cut the chain of transmission, you cannot get to herd immunity

  8. I am not anti-vaxx, I am anti-vaxx against any improperly unsafe vaccines as these COVID vaccines are

  9. See the research by Read et al. on Marek’s virus in chickens as it shows you exactly what is happening here in COVID vaccines and what we told these COVID inept advisors and governments what would occur. That with these leaky vaccines you will drive variants and worse. Marek's disease (MD) virus gives us a pure example of what we are dealing with now. MD is an important neoplastic disease of poultry. MD almost devastated the poultry industry in the 1960s but the disease was brought under control after Marek's disease herpesvirus (MDV) was identified and vaccines were developed. Read et al. showed that when they vaccinated chickens with vaccines similar to these COVID vaccines, it increased the fitness of more infectious variants and increased risk of deadly variants emerging. They showed that vaccines that do not cut the transmission and only reduce symptoms as in this case, can drive conditions that facilitate the emergence of pathogen variants that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts.

See (here, here)