I/we were very clear day one, March 2020, virus like COVID would be problematic for at risk people, but not the vast majority of population; ALL/MOST of what Fauci/Birx and COVID Task Force did harmed

by Paul Alexander

This was largely personal decisions, we knew how to manage our lives; US COVID Task Force policies all failed; Kory et al. were 100% correct on early treatment; what we saw was largely a FRAUD, a lie

It was mostly a lie! not the virus, but the RESPONSE to it! This fastly moved from a public health response to a political response. Trump administration and Biden administration.

Yes COVID was lethal to high risk persons. We must never forget this. This happened. We grieve and morn every single death. Yet why was COVID handled differently than prior epidemics and pandemics? I argued and still today, that it was largely a fraud, a lie; ‘something other than science' was at play; decisions were being made that made no sense scientifically; all they did on COVID, all of it, from 2 weeks out March 2020 was a complete failure. Let me say it clearly, 2-3 weeks after mid March 2020, we were to re-open society fully, open all schools fully and we fully protect our vulnerable and we move on. We allow the rest of the low risk society, largely the ‘well’ in society to live lives taking reasonable precautions. WITHOUT the government. As it showed, as all of the alphabet agencies showed, CDC, NIH, FDA etc. in this, they failed! We even know about early treatment, we had decent signals from single drugs that in combination worked very potently. We had what we needed. We had the very potent innate immune systems of children and young persons and natural immunity in the tool kit and were ready for the battle field. We failed to use it. We allowed inept corrupted and politicized scientists and public health agencies to tell us that natural immunity was deficient. This defied basic immunology.

We knew soon after March 2020 that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and use risk to tailor an approach; that we were to use an age-risk stratified approach and not a carte blanche approach; we said lockdowns as implemented were costing lives, we were getting data globally showing who was at risk specifically and we knew how to manage them. We were getting data that children were dying due to the lockdowns and school closures. It was clear to us and many the urgency and the horror of what was happening.

But many shockingly, decided to stand on the side of the money and research grants and their jobs. They forgot their responsibility. But I get it, I understand for I too was smeared and attacked. For many it is very devastating, as was for me. For many decent people. But this is not about people like me and others. We really do not matter, this was never about us. Its about all of us, saving all our full society. Many in government were cowards, many scientists shrunk away, many doctors, many around us, lacked bravery and courage and we stood then, and stand now begging them, they know who they are, to stand up, its not too late, dig inside and find it and do the right thing. We need you to do the right thing here for the society has suffered enough.

We beg you to stop now! It has failed! Look at the data around you, understand that this vaccine is a failure and harming people, that mandates are and will tear our societies apart. That with this non-sterilizing vaccine, we will catastrophically harm our societies.

It is time to declare this pandemic emergency OVER; it is done! We are done! It is time you recognize what I/Atlas/Kulldorff/Gupta/Kory/McCullough/Risch/Urso/ etc. said April or so 2020, that we take proper precautions and protections of the vulnerable and we live largely normal lives. We make informed decisions but we go on. We as people govern our own lives. Do not cede it to the faceless technocrats. They have failed us! Do not depend on them to lead you, YOU LEAD YOURSELF!

This is your responsibility. Not a bureaucrat, not Fauci, not Francis Collins. CDC or NIH have no role in your daily life, NONE!

All we needed to do after 2 weeks mid March 2020, was to strongly and properly protect the vulnerable e.g. elderly in nursing homes and our private homes or any congregated setting, and allow the rest of society to lives largely normal lives. I said that then, I say it now. Allow our low-risk healthy children to live normal lives, no masks, no school closures, NONE of these untested, unsafe, unneeded vaccine, NONE of them, and allow them to be harmlessly and naturally be exposed to COVID/OMICRON as they are to countless pathogen and they will survive and become immune. Period!