I will never stop asking questions of Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al. about their deadly mRNA technology that is the basis of the mRNA-LNP COVID gene injections! Bobby Kennedy, EPOCH, Del etc. must

by Paul Alexander

now do the right thing & get Malone into serious interviews for first time, and get him on record with answers to the questions I & others have posed that todate they failed to ask; no more horse sh*t

I want Malone, with Kariko, and Weissman and all involved under oath, in proper hearings. Separate. I want them to answer all they knew, what they did, when they knew, how it works, why they were silent, why no antidote etc.

The medical establishment, doctors, academic scientists etc. are all liars and profitted in some manner by their complicity in selling the fraud COVID lies. It is time for Del and Bobby and EPOCH (Yan et al.) to stand up for the first time and question Malone properly. Do not give him anymore those soft pink bull sh*t questions that he then plays with you and walks you in circles, no serious questions, no serious answers.

The game of ‘we will not ask that for he will cut off donors’ etc. crap. Let us be real if you wish credibility. And you know you cannot watch yourself in the mirror by the crap you peddled for them the last 2 years on that shot.

So let us fix that. Time to question Malone and Kariko and Weissman and all. Let me know if you will like help, I will get you help.