I will write about INNATE immunity next, how it is the key, NOT natural immunity; innate and natural go hand in hand but it is INNATE that is key; I will explain in next posting; we STOP boosters now

by Paul Alexander

It is the INNATE immunity especially in children and young persons that is key to this battle and we run the risk of destroying children INNATE immunity with vaccines and boosters; CATASTROPHIC!

Nine points to begin this brief sharing:

  1. Omicron cross-protects against the more severe Delta. This is terrific news as it improves upon natural immunity. Moreover, Omicron has not breached natural immunity for the cellular immunity (memory B and memory T cells) is robust and stands up against all variants thus far, including Omicron.

    The rise in Omicron infections has yet to translate to a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and serious cases, or even deaths. This is the key, not infections, and this means that a population-level herd immunity approach is optimal. IMO was always optimal. Once we strongly protected the vulnerable, and high-risk and elderly. FIRST. We must recognize that COVID is over! Omicron shows this. We must not suffer our populations.

    Omicron resides in the mucosal layer longer and principally, and can be considered a mucosal vaccine, exactly what we should have had for this COVID virus all along. We are using a vaccine that provokes a systemic immune response (circulatory antibodies) when the virus and response is needed in the nasopharynx (nostrils/mucosae) where the virus lands initially. It remains difficult to see how this vaccine has ever worked. The virus lands in the nostrils/nasal passages first. A nasal and oral wash (viricidal decontamination) is critical e.g. dilute povidone iodine (betadine) or hydrogen peroxide). It is the most effective manner to reduce the transmission of these variants. We even consider this better than early treatment for it prevents infection in the first place. Once applied properly and consistently while there is pathogen circulating, this can be very effective in cutting risk. With diluted 1% povidone iodine or hydrogen peroxide (a wash of the oral and nasal passage, swish and spit, no swallow etc.). ‘1% iodine oral/nasal sanitation protocol at least q.i.d (4 times per day).  It lowers the viral load significantly.  Experts report that if you do indeed have Omicron it should help even more since it affects the upper airway to a greater extent and the iodine should contact more virus.’ We failed initially to use this oral-nasal viricidal decontamination and it could have dramatically reduced the viral load and risk of hospitalization and death. Very potent! Safe, cheap, OTC. As noted, aspects of Omicron keep it from your lungs hence only upper airway symptoms reported and seen. Ask your doctor or provider for guidance on the viricidal decontamination, it works effectively, and not just for this virus.

  2. Innate immunity is the key. Especially in children and young persons. Natural immunity could be potentially overwhelmed without the initial role of innate taming the viral peak load. I plan to write later today more on innate and natural and how they work together, but it is the overlooked ‘innate’ that really is the key to immune response.

  3. Omicron can be considered mother nature’s natural booster. A Christmas gift. It will give us free natural immunity, stronger immunity.

  4. We must stop vaccine mandates and stop all vaccines for proper needed safety analysis. These are ineffective inoculations (see graph below to understand the idiocy of government officials) that do not work and have been shown harmful, and actually seems to put people at elevated risk of contracting the virus.

  5. All global nations, not just the US. We have to now pivot to the vaccine injuries that have accumulated and are being disregarded by Fauci, public health officials, CDC, NIH etc. The vaccine has been linked to myocarditis in young persons and may other adverse effects and deaths (CDCs VAERS database), it will cause more risk and harm in children than any benefits. Why take on any risk with our children with these vaccines?

  6. IMO, the vaccines were never needed, and if it was brought, it should have been targeted ONLY to elderly high-risk and vulnerable persons. ONLY!  No one else, no healthy persons. We can say the vaccines are not sufficiently safe or sufficiently effective. We also have FOIA data from Japan (biodistribution data) that shows that the lipid nano-particles that carries the mRNA payload accumulate in the testis, ovaries, adrenals, crosses blood-brain barrier etc. in the animal model. Bruce Patterson also shows the spike protein stays in the blood stream 15 months after infection and likely after vaccine. With boosters, we will never be able to clear spike from the bloodstream and we do not know the long-term implication as this was not studied by the vaccine developers. The FDA has failed to protect the public in this regard.

  7. The pandemic is over, our government officials just do not know it yet! Omicron is mild and marking the end! Yes, we have to be cautions, but based on all we are seeing, unless there is a dramatic shift, it is over! Still be cautious and on alert for Delta and all. Indications are that for Omicron, appearance is brief and mild and most with no pulmonary involvement and requiring no treatment (see graphs below to show the uncoupling of omicron infections to deaths and hospitalizations).  McCullough states: “OMICRON gives back protection against Delta is encouraging.  This could position Omicron as a natural booster.”  Stop it all, COVID is over!! Take reasonable sensible precautions and go on with your life. Go on, trust yourself! Be aware always but move on and live your life. Keep educating yourself as you have done, and live your life and unshackle your children.

  8. Life is to begin now, it is time you turned off all of the illogical and irrational and nonsensical harmful edicts from Fauci et al. Turn off all of the inept television medical experts. Turn off CNN and FOX, the garbage their ‘medical experts’ spew. They spew complete drivel. Nonsense. Can back up nothing they state with any data or evidence. Turn it off!

  9. We must demand that liability protection be removed from all involved in these vaccines and that there is proper and ethical informed consent that to this moment, has not been done.

Where do I begin? We knew early on, by the end of April 2020, that COVID was amenable to risk-stratification and baseline risk dictated your outcome. We knew that an age-risk stratified ‘targeted’ approach was what was best and not the lockdowns and school closures. The lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, masks etc. killed our people. I have pulled together over 400 studies and pieces of evidence to show this (Brownstone). Not one healthy child in the US has died of COVID…not one! This is the data. Near 3,000 died of suicide. This is the data.

You need to understand, we had parents, husbands and wives appearing to the ER with their limp child in their arms telling the doctor they think they may have killed the child. Reporting from various States. They said were abusing each other and they beat the child too, had no jobs, laid off. Were desperate they said, ‘can’t go anymore with the lockdowns, the loss of income’. We were seeing the data and Trump saw and he was hurt and moved, he was trying to fix the insanity of the lockdowns, and was fighting the CDC and Task Force. To open schools. We were getting reports of thousands of instances of child physical and sexual abuse that is normally flagged in school. Closed school hid that. Thousands of children, especially minority children, and even more affluent ones, get their one ONLY daily meal in school, via the lunches etc. No breakfast or dinner. Thousands of US children starved when the schools remained closed. Went without. Poor children. The affluent ‘laptop’, café latte class did not know this or felt this. Their children did not know of this world but there were many US children who suffered due to the lockdowns and school closures. It is near unforgivable. It crippled our society and our children.

Faceless technocrats and Fauci and Birx apparently did not care about that portion of society and the ramifications of ‘their’ lockdowns. They tried to blame Trump but he acted on their expert advise. It was their lockdowns, Fauci’s and Birx’s, that killed people. His mistake was not firing these inept reckless people day 1. If he had to move Pence, move him. Not one of them ever performed a risk benefit analysis of their lockdown restrictive polices, not one. They had no interest in understanding the implications of their restrictive policies. I am not one to claim nefarious aims on any one’s part. No, I would not. I am talking of sheer ineptness, incompetence, an inability to understand the data and science that severely compromised their decision-making. Blinded also to the evidence by their politics etc. Their direct decisions harmed the population and our children.

We need to investigate many many people, many doctors, many scientists, many technocrats, many bureaucrats. Any and all who did wrong for we need to understand so it is never repeated! We start with Fauci and Francis Collins!

Closing schools and masking of children is criminal in my opinion. Many who have done this, who promoted and prolonged and continue it, should have to answer in a proper legal forum and if shown they did wrong and costed lives, should have to account legally!

About Omicron? It is the most mutated of all variants. It has a lower transmissibility index than Delta variant but it outcompetes Delta because it replicates 70 x more than Delta. Omicron is our natural ‘mother nature’ vaccine, a gift, it is our natural booster, no need for VACCINE booster. It resides in the mucosal layer longer and principally, and can be considered a mucosal vaccine, exactly what we should have had for this COVID. It appears to have breached some immunity but there is good news for it is very very mild (less than a common-cold) and the result is long-term broad, better, improved immunity. Moreover, Omicron does not appear to cause deep lung tissue damage and this is great news. For example, the Indian Express reported that “out of 34 Omicron cases at Delhi hospital, 33 are fully vaccinated”…the good news is that “all those confirmed to have Omicron had mild symptoms such as fever, sore throat and body ache. None of them was required to be put on oxygen or ventilator.”

Early outpatient ambulatory treatment we have championed and cried out for remains the key out of this for the high-risk persons (vulnerable) (see here, here). Early treatment (started outside of the hospital setting e.g. in the person’s private home or nursing home, long-term facility, assisted-living etc.) cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by as much as 90%. There is real data to show this. Many thousands died and could have been saved if early treatment was used, if doctors were allowed to prescribe. Drugs used in combination, sequenced etc., it is very effective. Doctors should hang their heads in shame and history books will savage doctors and scientists who turned their backs on the population. Why? For research grants? Salary? What benefits? How did they benefit? The vaccines have failed and not controlling the virus so why did they not use early treatment?

These are some early treatment papers I was involved with as well as other senior scientists:


(Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)


(Early multidrug treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) and reduced mortality among nursing home (or outpatient/ambulatory) residents)

The vaccines should have never ever been brought, we had early treatment, we did not need these vaccines. They are unsafe as well as ineffective. I respected Trump (worked for his admin and was privileged to serve him or any President; I would help Biden’s admin if they asked for my technical help; this is about saving lives and bettering the US) and supported him and the good he did, I grew to know the tremendous actions he took to help people, to lift the opportunities for minorities, for women, for the economy, for the future, and I did think he was fantastic in terms of what he did for the US and held much promise) but he committed two catastrophic failures (not firing Fauci and Birx and others on that Clown car Task Force) with the lockdowns and the vaccines. Yes, he made two devastating mistakes. He allowed Fauci and Birx to control his pandemic response and they caused the deaths of many people by their reckless and dangerous unscientific actions and policies. This was a terrible mistake by him. The lockdowns and all of their policies killed people, not the virus.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans died, I say 750,000 of the 800,000 (90%) because in the Trump administration and in the Biden administration, early drug (early outpatient treatment) were not fostered and demanded. Many more died due to the lockdowns and the ravages of it. Trump tried but did not do enough IMO as to early treatment. I am the senior author on one early treatment paper with McCullough et al. and the second author in the next. I stand by early treatment and they, Fauci, CDC, NIH, Francis Collins et al. killed thousands by emphasizing vaccines and not therapeutics. These beasts have not just disregarded natural immunity, they pretend it does not exist.

Millions of people had natural immunity and it was not recognized by Fauci and CDC and NIH etc. and millions lost jobs and livelihoods and were devastated by this illogical and unsound thinking. See the op-ed I wrote with 140 studies and pieces of evidence showing natural immunity is not just equal to, but superior to vaccine immunity. We even have evidence it lasts for 100 years (Spanish Flu survivors). These illogical, nonsensical, inept, specious, unscientific lockdown lunatic technocrats. These nonsensical technocrats know that natural immunity is superior but pretend it is not. Selling the vaccines even knowing the vaccines have failed.

As I shared earlier, many in the US committed themselves, yes, ‘hung themselves’ including children, due to the lockdowns. We must not forget this travesty. It grieves me as little children held on, but could go no more and took their lives, and Trump I admired for he knew, he knew what data we were getting from the States, and he was fighting the Task Force behind the scenes and openly, to open schools and the society and Fauci and Birx et al. were subverting him. The unholy alliance between school teachers unions and the CDC is reprehensible and to me criminal. I am limited in what I may share but I/we saw data that little children hung themselves with lockdowns and school closures. Business owners, employees laid off, could not hold on, and took their lives.

I will follow up this post with an explanation of why INNATE is the real deal and the key to ending this emergency, and it is the rate limiting step and to mess with it will cause huge disaster…in brief and this is not the post I want to provide, and will follow with details but in brief (and remember, I do not pretend to be the expert of experts but I know enough and understand enough (heavily worked in COVID issues) that I wish to share to drive debate and to inform you as well as to learn from you as I know non-clinicians and scientists are even more informed on these issues now and it inspires me…I hold deep discussions/exchanges daily with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Geert Vanden Boosche, Dr. Dan Stock, Dr. Mike Yeadon etc. and I am so proud to be in the company of these giants (others I have not mentioned but are also part of this, we talk and exchange daily to understand the issues as they unfold by the hour; it is how I inform myself not only by the actual data, but by the thinking of serious people in this area):

I will lay out some brief points but will preface with this again, that ‘it is the mass inoculation/vaccination using a non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine, during an epidemic/pandemic, when virus is all around and putting tremendous infectious pressure (trying to infect us all), with the vaccinal immune pressure reacting back on it (intersection of the 2 pressures), that natural selection will ‘select’ the fittest variant (the most infectious) to go forward and cull the lethal ones ‘out’. Natural selection will find the variant most able to surmount (overcome) the sub-optimal immune pressure and we will get more omicrons. The danger is we could drive the emergence of a lethal variant, along with increased infectiousness. Thank God we have only gotten infectious variants thus far. This can be devastating for humanity.’ It can be if we touch children with mass vaccination, we can damage their innate immunity that is a beautiful gift from their God, any God, but a beautiful gift indeed that protects them and the rest of society. Children’s innate immunity and that of young persons protects us all. It is the key here. I will explain more in the next post on this. But in brief:

1) the innate immune system is the first line of defense and in children and young persons, it stops this virus, any variants, and any virus etc. in its tracks…

2)to mess with the innate immune system is deadly for it will leave children exposed to a broad range of pathogen

3) I will explain more in the follow up but the issue is if we vaccinate children in mass, the vaccinal antibodies can suppress the innate antibodies in children and subvert it, ‘outcompeting’ it…remember the vaccinal antibodies are sub-optimal for they do not hit the Delta or Omicron…so we are suppressing with a vaccinal antibody that still cannot neutralize the antigen (Delta or Omicron spike protein)

4) the role of the innate immunity (innate antibodies generated by B-1 cells, different to B-cells in the adaptive response, and generates IgMs, and natural killer cells/NK and other immune components) is our first line of defense to pathogen (we often refer to this as the mucosal compartment of the immune response and it resides in the mucosae of the respiratory and digestive tracts) and it protects children effectively and it is why they are often asymptomatic for all exposures, not just COVID virus. Its role (talking at a 50,000 foot level) really is to stop COVID virus e.g. Delta, omicron dead in its tracks)

5.If the innate cannot neutralize the variant e.g. omicron, so infection is not stopped, so the innate is breached and then the adaptive/acquired response steps up…also has adaptive antibodies (B-cells) and NK cells and other components)…again, I wrote in a rudimentary manner…

6. But the innate takes enough edge and blunts the virus so that by the time (using omicron as the example) the natural adaptive/acquired is invoke, much of the virus is taken out so the natural adaptive/acquired has to mop up…you will experience some mild symptoms or some more but you will recover over some days…

7.We are hypothesizing this as being why omicron is so mild and non-consequential…because the innate immunity first line of defense does the job most of the time and stops the virus so there are no symptoms…mostly, and when innate is breached in the less often circumstance, enough of the edge is taken off so natural adaptive/acquired has less to do…will not be overwhelmed…thus the symptoms are less and you recover fast and this is why the sequelae is so fast, mild, low level and even in the elderly with omicron. The innate in fact did its job, it near took out the omicron and when it slips through, enough of virus is gone that the natural adaptive/acquired just cleans up and we see the result…a mild sequelae.

8.All this to repeat, COVID is done!!!! It is over as I have shared many times, omicron is over….it is infectious but very mild…it is not that natural immunity is broken through, in my opinion, it actually is doing its job and holding…and stops the variant and you recover and very fast for the innate first line of defense has done a magnificent job…

More to come….