I would give them not one more US tax payer dollar, not one! Sweat for your own fever! Fire Speaker McCarthy if he does! He would have then taken us for morons & suckers; all about the $$; I told you

by Paul Alexander

electing republicans was same as democrats, it's one party and we are sold down the drain! They steal our tax money and enrich themselves, save a few, most of them! high-crime bandits!

It was all about the money! These crooks!



If I can come around and see my inner cities paved and functioning, when my peoples are working, when my borders are sealed, when my police are properly paid and funded and respected, when my military stops focusing on pumps and transgender crap, when no more Wuhan Fentanyl pours across the border, when no more rapists and murderers from down South pours into the US, when I/we can afford to survive again within reach of CoL, when we fix chances and options for our minorities, when we help our seniors (all), when we ensure a good strong health and nutrition start for our infants, when we have safe nursing homes for our seniors, when we stop the out of control crime on our streets and make it safe again, when we fix the deplorably failed school system for all, when we cut taxes for hard working blue and fly over country Americans, when we fix the failed healthcare system for all, when we make it one justice system for all, when we stop the transgender insanity and molesting of our children, when we start jailing government people, high society ‘connected’ people for their crimes, when I see all those involved in the COVID lockdown lunacy and fraud deadly gene injection vaccine held to account, when I see things like that and only just a short list, then ask me about helping other nations. Until then, no deal, no more tax payer money for these launderers especially that Ukrainian leader!