If 1st booster fails, & we know in the Scottish and UK data (all the data) that the vaccinated are getting massive infection with serious sequelae, then why would the FDA approve a 2nd booster? $$$ ??

by Paul Alexander

Week 12:

Week 12 UK data infection data, showing the boosted 3rd shot drives massive infection over the unvaccinated:

This is the negative efficacy:

<18: + 17.1%

18-29: - 225.4%

30-39: - 294.8%

40-49: - 305.0%

50-59: - 306.8%

60-69: - 367.6%

70-79: - 274.5%

>80: - 146.3%

Then why would FDA authorize the 2nd booster for persons over 50 years? The 1st booster fails. Tell me what I am not seeing. The injection does not stop infection or transmission. This is not only insane, it is IMO near criminal by Pfizer and Moderna. Are these untermensche not seeing that once you hit 50 years old or so that the ER and deaths are markedly increased in triple?

FDA authorizes second COVID booster shot for all Americans over the age of 50

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to a second round of booster shots for all Americans over the age of 50, according to various reports.

The decision now lies in the hands of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as to how to implement the new authorization.”