If monkeypox is allowed to expand into the low-risk general population, if the Gay community is damaged by public health leaders & agencies with their bull shit woke 'political' 'votes' games, it is..

by Paul Alexander

the unvaccinated among us, the unvaccinated infants, young children, children, teens, young persons, young people etc. who are unvaccinated with intact INNATE immune systems who may fare better!

Main point: We have to keep monkeypox and other viruses from expanding due to the compromised immune systems of our populations today.

It is either the public health community is that inept and incompetent and do not know what to do e.g. acute contact tracing, isolation of symptomatic persons, no mass vaccination, no mass quarantine, no lockdowns etc., or this is no issue. That there really is no monkeypox issue. And we are being lied to. Or, public health leaders like Fauci et al. despise the Gay and bisexual community for in effect, they are harming them disastrously by their actions thus far. The stigma and ostracization that would result needlessly, if they did their jobs, would then be of no issue to the Gay community.

Which is it? Maybe a bit of all?

I warn again:

If we keep these COVID gene injections going, we risk a devasting very highly infectious AND highly lethal/virulent sub-variant emerging. The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies is the culprit. It is pressuring the spike antigen and driving selection pressure. This is an urgent warning!