If monkeypox spreads outside of the GAY & bisexual community, it is not due to the virus, it is due to the CDC & NIH & WHO ensuring it does; Yes it could expand especially due to bisexual sex contact,

by Paul Alexander

physical skin-to-skin; It is not inevitable or destined to spread. They, CDC, WANT it to! If you stopped me from going to church & burying my dead, my family, if you locked me down for 2 years...

with a fraud of asymptomatic spread, with a fake fraud RT-PCR test that denoted everyone as positive, with it’s high false positives, then why can’t you tell the GAY community no anal sex for 3 weeks? To flatten the curve! Why? Yes, we may learn it may have an aerosol component but all data today says it does not. All data today says over 99% of cases are in GAY or bisexual males, men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) and it may be a political hot potato for you, but not for me.

You CDC, should be telling the GAY community to have no skin to skin or physical contact for 2-3 weeks to quash this. Yet even now I think it is too late, as you ensured, you the beasts at CDC and NIH, you fostered PRIDE parade. Why? How could you close businesses down for 2 years due to the COVID fraud, cause business owners, laid off employees, children to kill themselves over the lockdown lunacy, yet you cannot tell the GAY community to stop the contact for 3 weeks? That benefits them. If it were aerosolized, then we know the GAY community lives among the heterosexual community, yet there is no spread there. Why? The 2 kids reported as being positive were of GAY households we are told.

So to today, the evidence is not aerosol spread but rather skin-to-skin, touching etc. where the content of infected lesions and pustules are spread and potentially into open micro tears in tissue. Partner to partner. Person to person.

So we know the foci of infection, then why is there silence on telling the GAY community what is best to protect them and the low-risk society, so that the infection can be contained and not breached into the heterosexual community? It is not about being GAY, but rather the type of physical contact that heightens risk of transmission of bodily fluids, pustule content etc. if there is tearing of tissue (micro tears) as in rectal tears, anal tears, penis tears, even vaginal tears if the sex contact is between heterosexuals. It is about tearing of tissue and the ability of the infected fluid entering the torn tissue micro openings. Not being GAY.

But for God’s sake, it is time to give the right guidance and end the bullshitting around with political correctness.