If racism by a deranged person drove Buffalo shooting, then it must be stated so, the Republican party & the right must stand up & denounce, FOX must denounce abhorrent act, no playing with the words

by Paul Alexander

If based on what we know thus far that is being reported, turns out to be true, then this was a targeted attack on innocent African-Americans; I know 2 non-blacks were shot, but facts are facts

I took time to say something and maybe it is not my place. But I wanted to make my thoughts known for this was brutally catastrophic and there is so much lose and pain.

The loss of human life is tragic regardless of ethnicity/color. But when killing is racially motivated as this appears to be and is most certainly in this case, if all stays same, then this is a very frightening reflection of certain individuals in the society. We mourn any life lost, regardless of ethnicity/color. Peoples’ tensions are heightened to a different level after such heinous acts that defy a human explanation. All we can hope and pray for is that justice will be served. That this is dealt with head on in the media and called out for what it really is. When whites are killed by blacks or blacks killed by whites, it is the same pain, same hurt, same blood spilled. No one is of more value than the other. To me, this is not a gun issue, though I do question why these types of heavy weapons are accessible to the shooter and how well trained he was. At some level, without any, zero touch on the 2nd amendment, we have to find a way to keep such devastating weapons out of the reach of twisted deranged persons. If this person was deranged and mentally ‘gone’ and so hateful that he would do this, we need to find a way to flag such persons in terms of access. I do not have the answer for this is complicated on both sides. But it is a discussion we must have. Way past time. Again, for the 2nd and will defend it.

People need to see justice enacted here and swift. The bottom line is that a deliberate horrible crime was committed on innocent people. The justice system must act here fast and hold all involved to account. To redress this. On a societal level, there are structural issues that need to be addressed and this is where the larger the larger discussion should be in the near future, immediate.

The hatred that some people embody has to be diffused. I do not claim to have the solution as one person but we as a nation are in danger if such feelings persist. We have to have the societal discussion immediately for it is going on too long. We also have to do what must be done to stop the black on black murders in the inner city. We must get to the root causes and fix them. It can be fixed as long as there is political will on both sides to do it. There currently is none. Black lives matter, white lives matter, and yes all lives matter preciously as do the lives of babies (white, black, all ethnicities/colors) in development in the womb. See, I waded into other areas here but we have serious discussions now to have, societally, as too many lives are taken. It will take a long time to heal from this in Buffalo.

Blessings to the lost lives as we mourn them, we grieve with them, we pray that their souls enter heaven.

I also must say it was tremendous that the POTUS Biden came to Buffalo. Regardless of the motivating factors as some said it was politics that underpinned the visit, I say it was very good he did this. I have to think he was moved by the tragedy. He is ah human being. You give praise when due but at the same time, I do think the rhetoric and words on the left and media stokes a race war. It must be stopped. It is driving deep division and they must become responsible.

There must be recognition that this was a tragedy though I know some will make this a gun control issue. In my view, this is not a gun issue. A bad person used a gun. In Europe, bad people use knives and swords to kill innocent Europeans in mass, often, and even trucks.

I also do not think he acted alone in Buffalo. No way. IMO.