If shedding of viral microRNAs (mRNAs) and viral proteins via extracellular vesicles (ECVs) occur & confirmed in COVID infection, then of course shedding of lipid-nano particles (LNPs), mRNAs, induced

by Paul Alexander

spike protein and sub-units e.g. 1, 2, as well as vaccine antibodies can occur given these operate at a nano-scale easily aerosolized, exhaled, tramsitted skin-to-skin, sweat etc. Hassanpour et al.


‘Extracellular vesicles releasing from various types of cells contribute to intercellular communication via delivering bio-molecules like nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids to recipient cells. Exosomes are 30–120 nm extracellular vesicles that participate in several pathological conditions. Virus-infected cells release exosomes that are implicated in infection through transferring viral components such as viral-derived miRNAs and proteins.’