If there was ever a question on whether mRNA & lipid-nano particles (LNPs) can reach the placenta, Swingle et al.'s research indicates YES it does! identified a lead LNP that enables in vivo mRNA

by Paul Alexander

delivery to trophoblasts, endothelial cells & immune cells in placenta. Demonstrated the potential of mRNA LNPs for protein replacement therapy during pregnancy to treat placental disorders.

Key finding:

Researchers ‘developed an ionizable LNP platform for mRNA delivery to the placenta with applications in mediating placental vasodilation using VEGF mRNA. Our lead candidate LNP A4, identified for its potent in vitro mRNA delivery in placental cells, enabled high luciferase mRNA delivery to the placenta in pregnant mice. This LNP platform was also used to deliver mCherry mRNA to trophoblasts, endothelial cells, and immune cells in the placenta.’


This study while seeming successful, reveals a very dangerous situation for us to consider. We see conclusively that mRNA and LNP crosses the placental barrier (rodent model). Yet via the actual human model as a result of the existing COVID injections, we are seeing fetal loss, harms to mother and baby in utero etc. and this surrounds the COVID mRNA technology injection. It is clear that mRNA and LNP and spike accumulates in the placenta. Dr. Roger Hodkinson as a pathologist advises that accumulation occurs in the endometrium also. We know that mRNA and LNP and spike alarmingly leaves the injection site. We have argued that no amount of mRNA-LNP complex can be safe as to the pregnant woman and baby in utero as well as the finding now that the mRNA can be potentially reverse transcribed back to human DNA. This finding has massive dangerous implications for humanity. We are saying that this technology must be stopped for has not been proven safe and is proving to be harmful. The implications to the mother and baby are significant and Dr. James Thorp is unequivocal in this. The shots must be stopped immediately.