If Trump had classified documents, people said he should be imprisoned & even executed; now we know Joe Biden had 10 classified documents in his home; so how do you imprison Trump? Please tell me.

by Paul Alexander

Why is this coming out now if Justice department knew this a while now? Is it to topple Biden? Why was Biden's residence not raided as they raided Trump's? Why did they not go through wife's clothing?

Ukraine gave millions to Biden’s crack head son Hunter, and so we ask, why? Were the 10 secret documents found in Biden’s care linked to Hunter and his ties to Ukraine? Why did the FBI not raid any of Biden’s homes? Why were his children and grand-children bedrooms not raided as was Baron’s? They were classy and respectful and did not go through FLOTUS Biden’s underwear drawer but why then did they go through the former FLOTUS’s underwear drawer? I wonder.

It is time we sent Head of Justice Department Garland some anti-diarrheal medications.