If Trump said this, he will be re-elected in 2024, 100% this is all he has to say to get all people to support him, for we were hurt & have hovered between total despair & boiling anger for 2.5 years

by Paul Alexander

WAYNE ROOT is 100% correct, it is not Trump's fault, he depended on his agencies and advisors, they lied and misled him, Fauci, Birx, Hahn, Azar, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Redfield etc. All!

They are pivoting now to blame you POTUS Trump for the vaccine. Stand up now! We will help tell the truth, we have all the science. Be warned POTUS Trump, please stand up now against the lockdown lunacy and the COVID gene injections. Urgently.

‘Here is who is to blame…

Dr. Fauci gets 100% of the blame. He knew. He conned the nation, long after he knew the vaccine didn’t work…long after he saw the CDC-compiled VAERS list of deaths and injuries from the vaccine piling up…long after he saw the vaccine trial evidence that volunteers in the trial died…volunteers were injured…volunteers were crippled…volunteers were disabled…and pregnant mothers lost their babies at an alarming rate. Yet Fauci covered it all up. Worse, he encouraged more Americans to get the vaccine, knowing the terrible side effects of this tragic experiment gone bad.

The CDC and WHO get 100% of the blame. They knew everything Dr. Fauci knew. Yet they pushed the vaccines. And then later, after everyone with a brain saw the death toll, they recommended these death shots for children. These organizations are guilty of mass murder on a scale not seen since WWII.

Biden and the Biden administration get 100% of the blame. They certainly knew about the rising death and injury numbers by March of 2021 when Biden gave the orders to OSHA to mandate the jabs at every large corporation in America. They condemned millions of American employees to risk death or terrible injury.

The media is 100% to blame. They are the PR wing of the Democrat Party. They covered up this entire massive tragedy. This is the biggest healthcare debacle in world history. And the media has covered it all up, blacked it out, whitewashed it. Oops.

The whole mainstream media sold out- even Fox News and Newsmax. I’m guessing the biggest conservative talk radio syndicators sold out too. They all took millions to shut up. They agreed no host, or guest could tell the truth about vaccine deaths or injuries. They took blood money. They sold out all of YOU – their own customers.

Doctors across America are 100% to blame. They knew. They saw their patients dying. But they were too greedy, or scared of losing their license to speak out. The doctors played dumb. They were sheep. They accepted the lies of the CDC, WHO, FDA and AMA without asking any questions. They call that “science.”

And of course, Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers are 100% to blame. They knew from day one. They saw the vaccine trial results. They buried the tragic and deadly results. They demanded complete 100% immunity from lawsuits. Then they demanded the vaccine trial results be kept secret for 75 years. Now we understand why.

And then there’s President Trump. The man Democrats want to stop at all costs. The frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. The man they’ve tried to destroy since the day he announced for president. The man they illegally spied on. The man they’ve tried to frame so many times I’ve lost count. And now they want to frame him for the Covid vaccine gone wrong.

It won’t work. Trump was the CEO of America. He’s not a doctor, scientist, or medical expert. He was lied to by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC, FDA and a bunch of evil, greedy Big Pharma executives. Trump was defrauded just like the rest of us.

Trump’s only job was to act as CEO and Five Star General to get America and the US economy back on track. To save tens of millions of jobs. To save capitalism. Of course he was
cheerleader for the vaccine. Of course he pushed to get it past the finish line. That’s a CEOs job. But Trump didn’t create the vaccine. He didn’t manufacture the vaccine. He didn’t conduct the vaccine trials. Nor was he part of the cover-up of the trial results.

The so-called “medical experts” are responsible for the biggest disaster in history, lying to President Trump, committing fraud against the people, then acting in conspiracy to cover it up.
Trump was taken advantage of, just like the American people. They defrauded us all- and these criminals are responsible for mass negligence, leading to mass murder, and then mass fraud to coverup the truth.

It’s not “Trump’s vaccine.” People are dying from the vaccines all over the world. Is it “Trump’s vaccine” in UK, Scotland, Portugal, Netherlands, Israel, or Canada- where some of the worst vaccine death data are being reported.

More importantly, Trump was against vaccine mandates from the first day. That would have protected millions of American workers who were forced by Biden to choose between their jobs and the vaccine. With Trump as President they never would have been forced to make that choice. How many employees of large corporations would be alive today if Trump was President?

So, desperate Democrats who conned and forced the American people into taking a deadly experimental vaccine can try to blame Trump, but that dog won’t hunt. Democrats praised the vaccine, Democrats mandated millions get the death shot, Democrats slandered anyone who told the truth, Democrats called reports of vaccine deaths and injuries “misinformation.”

This is their debacle. This is their disaster. This is their Waterloo. Blaming Trump is just one more expansion of the world’s most insane political witch-hunt.’