If Trump was smart, he would have blamed lockdowns & school closures & vaccine failures on Fauci & Birx & Collins & Bourla & Bancel (fired Fauci) for the 2 greatest public health failures in history

by Paul Alexander

And never say a word; if Biden was smart, he would have declared victory soon as sworn in, then blamed Trump for the disaster he handed him; again, 'if' smart

I don't think Trump gets it that the lockdowns and vaccines will go down as the two greatest public health disasters in history; he did massive good for the US but his failure to fire Fauci and allow Fauci and Birx to run his pandemic response that killed people…not he Trump, but their lockdown policies killed people and children; Trump should have fired Fauci and Birx day 1, and it is a tremendous failure on his part, cant sugar coat it, I am afraid I cannot and I wish to say it as I see it; and since leaving office, he should have blamed them and never utter a word about these devastating vaccines and work to ensure children are not vaccinated with these; so that his legacy would not be tarnished; somehow he does not understand this.

And if I were Biden, I would have said the moment I took office, that these vaccines are unsafe, not good, and I don't know what the hell Trump was thinking in this OWS making a vaccine in 3 months; he Biden could have stopped the vaccine from roll out and said go back to the lab to fix it before I roll it out, and he would have been seen as a hero…on both sides…and importantly I would now, at this moment if I were Biden, pardon all those in jail today for January 6th, set them free, and only those who were violent on police etc. should need to answer legally; but all else, set free and no record; he would be a hero for that and why? Trump should have pardoned them for they got caught up and I always wondered why Trump did not pardon them; problem is, both of them, or I should say their administrations, or those who manage them or influence them, are and were not smart…these are not smart people…

That's the problem, these are not very smart people in govt…its a high level game of chicken, who can blink first for it is a unique problem; 2 Presidents sat and sitting on top of a failed vaccine that one developed and one rolled out. and the fact that thousands have died having taken the vaccine, both are in a bind…they can’t move. both can be blamed…I can smell lawyers teed up as soon as this is done…

I wrote this end of November or so…

Two Presidents, same disaster

Dr. Paul Alexander

Two Presidents, same problem: both facing the same catastrophic problem of a failed vaccine, one the media was set to hang it on him (Trump), the other the media now covering up for the failed vaccine (Biden). I believe the internal polling showed them March April 2020 Trump was unstoppable as he should have been, with the greatest economy and strong Labor participation rate, best across all groups, tremendous regulatory successes and just a sweet time to be American again and in my mind, January 2020 Trump deserved a serious shot as the 5th face on Rushmore. I never thought I would live to see a POTUS this capable and delivering on his promises.

But the establishment and pharma and deep state and key his COVID Task Force and senior medical advisors failed him. Principally IMP Fauci and Birx destroyed his presidency. When he said para 'ok, you say we need a vaccine, then ok, we will bring it but you say it takes 15 years, I am DJT, I will use all my skills to bring it in 3 months for I am DJT and I will help people for they are suffering'....I understand him but they should have then told him 'no Mr. President, that's impossible’. The real crime here is they went along with him and gave him what he wanted (and maybe what they told him was that it was possible and so they greatly deceived him) and felt was natural to do...he wanted it to save time and get help to the masses fast, they were going to destroy him with a failed vaccine for it is failed....so 'speed it up'...and did not inform him which was their role, they knew that by cutting the time in the vaccine development they MUST cut corners and now we are paying the price with the adverse effects and deaths due to the vaccine.

Who says that they did not cut corners have lied repeatedly. 'Time' is there to properly examine and detect safety signals and rare events that could be catastrophic. The media was lined up to hang each of these deaths post vaccine on our great Trump for they knew he was going to win the election. They failed to do their job like how they advised him to lock down and close schools and mask mandates and shelter in place when they knew that it would have failed as it did. Not one instance of success. He wanted to do good by his peoples, they sought each way to use the crisis to hurt him. He just did not know they depth of depravity and malevolence to the United States.

I argue that POTUS Trump’s advisors did mislead him. Terribly. Catastrophically, and particularly the vaccine developers. Had the studies been conducted properly regarding vaccine safety and according to the proper durations, and had we followed up long enough to examine AMVE/ADE, then it is likely that we would not be witnessing what is unfolding in the British data and the Israeli data today. Nor would we see in the U.S. the clear vaccine failure and the potentially dangerous need for repeat boosting. Repeat boosting could be devastating. Repat boosting will be devastating. Could harm our immune systems.